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Christmas Trip Pt 2

Long Christmas trip part 2 of 2 So I had just finished eating the white, and Grey toned caps, and stems.

Long Christmas trip part 2 of 2

So I had just finished eating the white, and Grey toned caps, and stems. I sat on a couch in the far-left side of the basement suite. My sister sat next to me on the couch and Billy in the recliner. I again asked...

"How long before it starts?"

"20 to 30 Minutes or longer." Billy replied.

I started shaking like I had just awakened from a dark nightmare. I was really fucking scared. For the first 10 minutes of waiting all I did was stare at the clock on the VCR. Then I calmed down and actually forgot as I watched the television. At first I felt warm comfortable waves of air breath through my whole body. I felt damn good! Nothing was really happening for that first half an hour except new good sensations. I had a huge smile on my face and I attempted to speak to Rose and Billy.

" Are theh worken frr yaah?" I mumbled.

'"What!"' They looked at each other and laughed.

'"Whooa JON!!!"' And they continued to laugh.

I slowly turned my head away from them and made my way back to the television. As I stared into the t.v. Then something caught the corner of my eye. Again I turned my head slowly until I found the object of attention. It was a half open door leading upstairs. I scanned the door waiting for something to happen. Then the top right corner of the door began to bend towards the doorknob. I quickly turned my head away in fear. I had never experienced anything like this and it was only the start.

Billy said," Hey Jon, check this out..."

He handed me a pair of cheap plastic glasses.

"Put these on and look at any light!" He said.
"Okeeee!" I slowly responded.

I put on the flexible, frail glasses and turned towards the lamp next to my sister.

" WHAT THE FUCK!!!" I yelled!


Around the bulb of the lamp were alien heads, which appeared to be floating in mid air.

"Hologram glasses." Rose said.

I continued to wear the glasses staring at any light in my path. I then felt the urge to get up and walk to the near by kitchen where I came across Garfield. He was a small stuffed cat, which, at the time, absolutely fascinated me. I stood in one spot in the middle of the kitchen and stared right into Garfield face. Then Garfield face began to suck through his nose. I yelled and dropped the cat on the floor." HOLY MOTHERFUCKINSHIT!" I then ran over to my spot on the couch. As soon as I got comfortable I got up from my seat on returned to the kitchen. I picked up Garfield and made my way back to the couch again. On the way there I picked up a red patterned blanket and wrapped myself in it to calm my shivering.

Knock, Knock, Knock!!!

The door opened. It was my Aunt Didi and her 16-year-old son. They looked over at me and gave me a look like I should be ashamed. But, then I realized how stupid I must have looked. I smiled and continued to stare at my newfound friend. Rose and Didi talked for about 7 minutes. My Aunt then turned to me and gave me a smile. She then felt the need to ask me for my life story. I sat and answered her questions, made my comments, and told her my goals in life. It seemed like she had brought me right down from my then beginning trip. We finished talking and she walked to the door leading upstairs. Her son asked her if he could stay and catch up to us. She disapproved and he proceeded to wine and complain his way up the stairs. My Sister closed the door and turned on one of then elements. Billy went into his room and brought out 2 small vile.

"What's that shit?" I said.
"Come take a hoot Jonny!" Rose said.
"This will treat you real good man!" Billy added.

I got up and attempted to make my way to the stove with a huge headrush. I took the hooter from my sister and Billy severed me a pure oily substance. I took the whole knife in.
Then exhaled the hoot covering the stoves surface with a white heavy cloud. Then seemed my head was stuck in a dangerous position above the element. My head then began to sink towards the red-hot spiral...

"WHOA!!!JON!!!!!" Rose screamed!

She pulled me away, as my face was about to come into contact with a very real form of pain... I stumbled backwards a few steps and looked at Rose, then Billy, then Rose, then Billy,Rose,Billy,Rose.............. . .. ... .. . ..

When the dizziness stopped I found myself on the floor staring up at the ceiling. Rose and Billy were still in the Kitchen smoking the clear substance, which was indeed the purest Honey oil in all of Calgary.

" WHAT TIME IS IT?" I asked.

They both laughed, " 11:45 Jonny!"

"WHAT?" I said
" That is not possible!!!"
" I feel like I just woke up!"

They then roared laughing!!!

"That was fun!" I said
"What time is it?" Again I asked.

They didn't hear me. Nor did they respond. So I got up and walked down the hallway leading to the bathroom. As I walked down the small dark hallway I felt as if I walked first and everything followed. I would take four steps and the rest would catch up. It was a very different and strange sensation. I made a quick left turn to face the open dark bathroom. I turned on the light and 'flashed' out. As I looked up at the light everything around me turned bright white. It was like a blackout but more white. As I came out of it I looked around and saw I was in the living room, sitting in the middle of the couch. Rose and Billy were playing super Mario land for super Nintendo. They seemed to be really tripping on the game so I got up and sat on the far right couch. I laved down and wrapped myself in a red blanket. I began to stare into nothing. My vision was locked on the ceiling when al of a sudden little alien heads began to spin across my field of vision. Then what seemed to be Ancient Aztec wall patterns, followed the alien heads in a show just for me. I felt every emotion except fear. My body felt like it was cut horizontally into 100 equal sections. Every time I turned my body I could feel each individual piece of my body rotate one after the other. Kind of like the feeling I got on the dark hallway. I managed to roll my body full 360 and I ended up on the floor under the coffee table with my stomach down and my center of vision set on the stereo. I lifted my hand from underneath me and pointed at the stereo.

"Put in the Misfits!" I yelled.

They were both in a state of absolute hysteria. Both of them were keeled over laughing their fool heads off!! I then focused on my whole body. I had another sensation flood my body. It was really fucked. For a fraction of a second I felt like a slithering snake. I lost all control of my body and began slithering to the middle of the living room floor. I rolled again. Belly up. It felt like in took me 15 minutes to roll. I looked up at the ceiling and noticed my entertainment was back. This time a bit more intense. Colors filled my vision and my body. I then disconnected and I can't remember the preceding 30 minutes. All I can remember is three words. " Atareye bat-tareye oroboteye." Don't ask me what they mean because I'm not sure. Mental gibberish or a message from the forgetful Gods.

Anyway when came down I was again sitting on the couch. Rose and Billy were still playing Nintendo and laughing.
I felt like I had just woken up.

" What time is it?!" I asked...again.
"12:15!," one of them replied.

I felt as if I just woke up after a night of being electrocuted and tortured. Every part of my body felt a painful burning sensation. I then asked.
"Is it over?"
Then everything stopped. Billy then Rose Slowly turned their heads from the Video game. They looked at each other and looked back.

" It's just begun!" Billy roared out.
Rose then said to Billy, "Do you think he overdosed?"
"Do you think so?"
"Maybe, he's tripping very hard...."
"MMMMMMMMUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMblleeeeeeeeeehhhh mmmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaauuuuuunnnnmmmmblleeeee"
Their conversation scared me into the peak of my high. I again disconnected and ended up falling down on the floor. I couldn't walk so I sat up Indian style. My vision was then over filled with 3d dimensional patterns of temples and stars. I then saw the good and evil in the room. I looked at Rose. She seemed to glow a blue radiant light. Her eyes were outlined red. The rest of Her face was flowing blood and blue veins. I felt like I saw inside her mind. I was a little scared so I turned away. My vision then noticed that there was a division in the room. One side was light filled the right. The other side was dark, the left. I tuned to the left only to be greeted by a smiling demon. It was Billy.

I then said,
"There is a dark side, and a light side."
"Billy is the Dark...."
"...And Rose you are the light."

Billy acted really weird the rest of the night. He kept coming back and forth from his room. Rose just sat by herself. I attempted to converse with her, but she only said....

"Go away your bringing me down! Go look at a book or something!"

My further attempts to talk with her ended up the same way all night. I then looked at the clock and noticed it was still...

" 10:30!!!! "
" It was 12:15 an hour ago!!"
"Rose HELP!"

My sister ran in to the room.

" WHAT?? "
"What's wrong now?"
Every time I looked at the clock it would go back 15, 20, and 30 minutes. I told her time was going backwards. She told me to shut up and she went into her room. I was alone in the living room in the dark. That was the moment when I realized what we are. I saw what is, and what was. Death. I then looked over to my left and noticed that I was not in the dark. The lamp in the corner was on. Then I heard music. It seems to get higher pitched and more broken up as the song played. I couldn't hear the music but I could hear the background white noise over the radio waves. All I could here is; what sounded like communication. I mean it was everything making sounds I could hear whales and birds for some reason. Then the music began to take over the white noise. Of course it was techno that's all Rose listened to. I attempted to get up and immediately and turn that hippie-ass acid-eating shit !!! I could not move. My body felt like flowing lava. I melted into the couch and could not even blink. The music pierced every body part. All I felt was thousands of razor blades passing through me in waves. I didn't feel pain, I felt like pain didn't matter. I realized what my reality was. I fell into a deep sleep with many dreams. I was woken up but a crashing sound up stairs. My eyes got big real fast. I realized that their was at least 10 ' First Ones' fighting in the upstairs kitchen. They were all really pissed of Whisky and Gold schnapps. The first crashed echoed in my head and repeated continuously. Along with the crashing there was the sound of someone falling down the stairs really hard over and over again. I sat up really fast and looked at the light under the upstairs door. I saw shadows moving underneath the light. I pulled the blanket over my head. It felt like I was slicing my scalp. I felt like I had no skin. Just pure nerves. I then noticed flashing lights in the window behind me. I got up to see if it was Cops. Of course it was Cops. I then yelled.....


Billy burst out to see the lights. Then Rose came out of her room pissed off. They both saw them and went back to bed. On her way back to the room at the end of the hallway Rose said...

"Don't worry Jon! Just don't answer the door for anyone!"

My heart rate went up a few pulses and I began a cold sweat. As I began to shake again I looked at the alarm clock beside me and noticed it was 11:15, 11:00, and then 12:30. I began to pray to the clock and ask it to tell me the real time. It then started to turn back very fast. The digital screen became brighter and brighter. Red in color the light was. I noticed that the door upstairs had been opened. My attention then went back to the sounds up stairs. Amongst the fighting I heard Cops yelling. Then I heard the cops coming down stairs. Very slowly... I quickly pulled the blanket completely over my body. I started to shake violently. The door opened and the light turned on. I began to pray to any god that would help me...There was only the sounds of footsteps walking towards Rose's room. Rose came out and talked with two young Indians. In there 20s. They came in and sat on the couch by the door. I was on the TV couch. I heard them talk for about five minutes then I fell into a deep and final sleep. I awoke the next day a changed person.

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