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mardi gras

The third time I decided to shroom was the day of the Mardi Gras festival in the town I go to school in , San Luis Obispo.

The third time I decided to shroom was the day of the Mardi Gras festival in the town I go to school in , San Luis Obispo. My roomate and I ate only about half an eigth and within twenty minutes I began to get a really nervous feeling in my stomach. Like an extreme case of the butterflies. We met another group of my friends who didn't know that we were about to be out of our minds. We all started walking through downtown and I was taking in all the sights and laughing my ass off at the littlest things. We stopped in an arts and crafts store to buy some beads and I was looking at this plant that all of a sudden began moving , I looked at my roomate but he was already in an world of his pwn. I remember thinking the whole time while walking down the busy street, I wonder if all these people can even fathom what I'm experiencing right now. We made our way to the Church square where all the pre parade festivities were going on and I was severely tripped out by all the strange music and strange costumes. It seemed as if everyone had a huge smile on their face and a blank look in there eyes. Almost as if they werent real people. We chilled in the square for a while and the best part ws when this guy at a vending machine started talking. Th eweird thing was that there was a lotof noise in the plaza but my roommate and I heard him talking plain as day as if there were no other people there. We were a good 50 feet away and we heard him laugh to him self and then all of a sudden he blurted out
Chooooroooo!! He was selling those Churros. We started laughing uncontrollably and startedrolling on the ground and everyone looked at us like we were crazy....and we were!
The last stage involved us sitting by a creek park for awhile enjoying the peacefullness of the stream and this little kid came up to us and he had his face painted and we had a fascinating converstion with this kid who must have been 5 years old. The only disturbing part of the trip was as I was leaving the park I saw this little girl staring off into space and she was talking to a balloon but her mouth was moving in a weird way and it sounded liek she was whispering. I got a much better vibe in the creek setting than around all of those people. My better experiences have been for th emost part in small groups and having limited contact with the public. Un fortunately the shrooms wor eoff before the parade started but I think we would have gone crazy if we were still tripping by then.

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