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parallel man

this was my first trip.

this was my first trip. coincidentally we had chosen a intense setting-a second storey balcony covered from floor to wall by red bricks, the ceiling was open to the sky. it took awhile for my transformation to fully develope. first i felt myself gradually transcend my reality, a reality mixed with memories and theories. i was paralyzed for 20 minutes. and then my mind jumped. touched the sky and was afrad to let go. i lost myself in time, i saw reality as it was, as the incessant passing of now-the present. now is reality or is it now for time just passed, i was at the tip of time. i tried to gain some control by focusing in on any physical object, i chose to lock my eyes with the wall. for a second i felt grounded but with an easy syncronization,again i was rising. the bricks began to merge into one another creating intricate patterns. engulfed by the floor and wall, i felt like i was in a video game. next, i closed my eyes. all this time i am describing my trip to a friend who is making a great effort for me to enjoy my trip. he keeps asking what i'm thinking, seeing feeling etc. just bombarding me with heavy-duty thoughts. i flow with him in conversation-the subjects i won't even mention. after hours of talking the words seemingly dissovled as if made of sugar cubes, and when i opened my eyes i felt completed. my friends say i was going on and on about the discovery of self and blah blah... and after reflecting on my trip with a joint in my hands, i came to a conclusion that i had hopped onto another plane of thought where i conversed so freely with my parallel self. i kept reflecting on the sky which i believe to have been time, the one link i had to my "real" self while off in a parallel world. i wonder what would've happened if had let go of time and submerged myself into pure formlessness.

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