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My first foray

I'd been anticipating it for two years.

I'd been anticipating it for two years. I'd heard lots of great things about them but never got ahold of them. Finally the day arrived and I brought them home. I started with a very light dose because I was alone and didn't want to feel freaked out. One large dry cap and three stems. If you're reading level 1 trip reports I assume it's for the same reason I did.. to find out what an introductory experience is like. Let me just comment that while the mushrooms have a taste, and that taste is not good, it is also not bad enough to really fret over like I was worried it was. If I were eating 10 of them I might do something to mask it but chewing up what I did and swallowing it with some iced tea was not at all difficult. I goofed around with my computer, expecting it to be 40 minutes to onset based on the psychedelic FAQ. It was dead on, right at 40 minutes I started noticing a difference in my perceptions, although a very subtle one. First the car lights which I never notice out on the street as cars passed would distract my attention. Second the colors on the monitor and TV seemed unusually bright, but nothing really profound. By 70 minutes, where the FAQ indicated that I would probably be feeling more intensity, I wasn't feeling all that much more. I was figuring I must have underdosed but had read that I should stay away from upping the dosage midstream. I'm glad I didn't because after about two hours, I was feeling sufficiently stoned that I was satisfied with the dosage. I turned on the Kinemorphic Screen Saver off of this site and watched it. It was very cool. I fired up Napster and listened to some Aphex Twin and some old 808 State stuff from the early 90's (I'm an old man - 30). The intensity of the colors was *palpable*. Very strange but very pleasant. I remember thinking to myself the whole time how wonderful it was and that I'd be wanting to try something more intense. The sense of physical well-being was really strong. I sat there and enjoyed my music and the visuals for a couple of hours, involuntarily moving my head just because the music "felt" so good (glad I was alone) until I got sleepy and went to bed, still a little stoned but sleeping was no problem. This morning, at work, I'm a bit groggy like I got drunk last night and my sleep wasn't good. I only got 6 hours sleep but I heard from somebody that being sleepy the next day or two is a common side effect. I can see why people don't typically abuse the drug; I don't think I'll feel like doing it again for at least several days. However, when I do, I intend to double the dosage and find out what a level 2 or 3 feels like. I wasn't the slightest bit nervous or "tripped out" so I think I'll be okay.

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