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Me God & the Monke

Just to let all readers know, this report is NOT the same as "Me god and the monke" I had the greatest trip of my life last night.

Just to let all readers know, this report is NOT the same as "Me god and the monke"

I had the greatest trip of my life last night. I did acid 5 or 6 times before and i did shrooms before too but i never took that many. i was hangin out at my friend Ryans house and we were callin people to get bud. This one dude said he could hook us up with some shrooms so we bought a nice size half for 40 bucks. I was crashin at his place and his mom wasnt home so i figured i would trip hard. I took probably 7 or 8 grams and a hit of acid i had left over from that weekend. He only ate 6 caps.

Nothing happened for about a half hour. All of a sudden i just felt so incredibly happy and i felt like i had to go outside because it was such a beatiful day. I just went outside and laid down on the grass and stared up the clouds for like an hour. I was feeling really great but I wasnt really seeing any hallucinations or anything. I looked at my pager and it was two hours after i had dosed. I figured we got some bunk ass shrooms or somthing but i didnt really care cuz i was feeling so good.

So then i just started at the clouds for hours. Then this one cloud just started swirlin around and shit and it turned into a frog. I mean it looked exactly like a frog. I started geekin out so bad and just laughin my ass off. Then the frog just hopped off. I could hear music inside and i knew i liked the song but i couldnt figure out what the fuck it was. I could feel the ground under me breathing in and out to the music and i felt so connected with nature and the world and i just felt this love for everything.

Then this one big group of couds floated by and turned into this big set of smiling teeth. I just stared up at it and then it opened and i could see these huge fangs and pointy teeth like a sharks mouth. It swooped down at me and i got up and ran back into the house. Everything felt like it was spinning around me and the floor moved like water when i walked on it. I found Ryan and his girlfriend laying on the couch. I asked her when did she come over and she said she came out and kept trying to talk to me but i was just staring at the clouds and mumbling about frogs.

So i sat there watchin a movie with them and then this giant beast just attacked me. I looked at it and it was the most terrifying thing i ever saw. I got up and just ran outside and collapsed on the grass. I laid there and i lifted my one arm and saw it melt right in front of me and drip down onto the grass and turn green. I could see the grass growing all over my legs so i jumped up and climbed up in this giant tree.

I was up in the tree for a while and i saw these half monkey half human people siting there toking out of this big peace pipe they were all passing around. The leader told me to sit down and smoke with them so i did. We had this long deep conversation about the meaning of life and we got into this big fight about it. They told me that God had told them and that he lived on this mountain around there.

I had one of them take me there and i saw this big orange glowing being and i knew it was god. We talked about life and how he had a plan for me and that I should just listen to him and everything would be perfect. He told me I should be happy and hear the music in the world and dance to it.

Then he disappeared and left me dancing around on the mountain. The sun was setting and all the beatiful colors were just swirling around me. All of the sudden the mountain was gone and i was just surrounded by all the colors. It was so incredibly beautiful and i felt like i was just floating there. Everything was just circling around me and i felt like i was in heaven.

Then i was falling and falling. It felt like i was falling forever and i just kept dropping through the air. Then i hit the ground. Hard. It hurt like a bitch. I looked around and i was back in Ryans yard. It was pitch black and all the stars were out. I heard people laughing but it sounded like it was a million miles away. I was still tripping a little but i was coming down and i didnt want to get up so i just slept outdside on the grass.

I woke up the next morning in the back yard and i got up and went inside. Ryan and his girlfriend and my friend Brad were sitting there eating breakfast in the kitchen. THey all started cracking up when they saw me. I looked at myself and i was dirty as hell. My arm was cut up and bruised and i had leaves stuck to my shoes.

They were telling me about how i was climbing in the tree for like three hours laughing like a psyco and talking about the meaning of life and monkeys. Then i climbed up on the garage and sat there talking to a orange frisbee for like 45 minutes. They said i started danicng around on the roof of the garage screaming about the sunset. Then Brad said he heard me fall off the roof at like 330 in the morning. It all started coming back to me and i got real tired so i just went and slept on the couch.

So next time you trip, make sure you dont take advice about life from orange frisbees.

Oh, almost forgot, it slipped my mind, just had to remind you that THIS REPORT IS BETTER THAN "ME GOT AND THE MONKE" Thanks!

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