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the greatest thing

this was my first time.

this was my first time. my friend was growing them and he gave me his first harvest of 6 mushrooms. I ate them and than we went for pizza, this my a mistake because it semmingly prolonged the start of the trip. After we ate we went to my friends house , there i became obviously stoned but no hallucinations or anything. I was very very stoned, everyrthing made me laugh, i kept trying to pronounce Sgt. Peppers by the Beatles but i couldnt; it was like my mouth was numb or something. My attention span was about 1 minute at most. eventually we went back to his house and there i tripped.
After about an 1:30 i still didnt trip but i was incrdibly stoned. Sudenly about 1:45 after i took them it slowly hit me. i was looking at this trippy winamp plugin and when i looked outside i started seeing colors. The street lights were like blue on the outside, green and than yellow in the center. when i looked back into the room the patterns in the floor boards began to move like water. It was unbelievable. When i closed my eyes, it was an explosion of color, incredible
it was like i was in normal mode and the rest of the world is trying ot catch up to me. when i moved my hand even very slowly i could see particles and waves of light chase after my hand trying to catch up to it. when my friend showed me a pen and asked me what i saw i could see like particles and like blurry stuff fly buy it.
I looked at these maps he had on his wall. The checkered pattern on the borders of the maps began to move around and it looked like a jet streem around tghe maps. i looked at a characature of his hanging on a wall and when i looked to the side i could still see it; it was like at an angle right neer the real one. when i looked at my hand i could see the shades moving around.
The coolest part was when he took out a glow stick. when you are stoned and halucinating a glow stick is the greatest thing in the world. i could see it form patterns in the air even when the lights are on. it so hard to explain. i would love to be like this all the time.
Eventually my dad picked me up from my friends house, i was off the peak but still kinda tripping. in the car when we were going home as we passed by cars they would stretch out to like twice their liength as we got closer.
It is truelly unbelievable i cant wait to do it again. i knew it was not happening but i would still believe it because i kept zoning out every 30 seconds. i would classify this as a like 2.8 because not exactly 2 and not exactly 3.

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