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first time again

-before trip Okay so here's my story.

-before trip

Okay so here's my story... I was around the age of 14 going on to 15 when i had my first experience with mushrooms. I had beforehand tried marijuana and hash, coz it was the thing going around at that time, and i used to do these things with a really close friend.
So one day we decided to take it a step further and try shrooms, i told him how great and fun it could be if no one bad tripped and the outcome of the whole thing could be positive and fufilling to our lives, so we bought around 2 grams together (first time, only 1 g each) and ate up... now what happen is that a couple of his other friends were there and might i add they werent the smart type, mostly jr. thugs, wannabes, etc... this made me feel really uncomfortable as i was entering the first few stages of tripping.

To my knowlegde i think that exact moment was the worst hours i wouldve spent in my whole entire life... first i bad triped big time, second this led to my rare mood swings of depression and third i lost my friend becoz now hes so messed up in other drugs and shit that i dont even recongnize him to this day.

Now tonight is my second time, and hopefully my first time that i actually have a fufilling trip. I made all the right preperations: calming music (nature noises, calm jungle music, comedy sketches), i have a movie my other friend will bring (skateboarding movie; it seems that last time when i was calming down back at my place the first time on shrooms, i watched the X-games and it was fucken hilarious how the skaters would freeze in mid air.) and i got my house to do it in (last time i was at my friends for the sleep over, maybe thats why i fucked up)

Now this is just a commentary for a background on myself... tonight at around 6 to 7pm i'll be downing 1 g one more time to close this whole thing (ever since the first time, i had a sense that i needed some closure, an actual good trip). ive expericed with sum more marijuana for my depression mood swings to calm myself down and just to have a little fun.
So i guess you could say this is sorta of an epilogue... and till then, we'll have to see what happens.

-After trip

its around 8am here in my basement, i woke up early becoz i have a baseball tournement... let me tell you yesterday was the most drug induced fun day i ever had in my whole life... seems things really flip out when ur with the right people... now when they said you HAVE TO BE WITH PEOPLE YOU TRUST i totally back that up 110%!!! For the first time tripper, LISTEN TO THOSE GUYS!

i downed the shrooms at around 9pm yesterday and felt the effects while watching the simpsons... now i never knew this before, but homer has sum funny googly eyes!
After watching sum tv and laughin my ass off, i actually wanted to accomplish sumthing with this, so i went to my computer and looked at sum visuals... pretty trippy, everything pulsing made like a 3-D shape of sum sort. I decided to draw while listening to music and watching the screen, and the outcome was a pretty hysterical picture of a bunch of weird faces saying wassssup, and one little guy saying what... i have no clue why people do the things they do when there trippin... its really weird.

Later on, like at around 12am, i went outside in my backyard to have a look around in nature. My huge tree was breathing, and my pool's water seemed to have sum flotation of sum sort, it was actually coming out in a perfect cylinder. Then i slept on my deck and watched the sky... i could easily trace out faces, animals, people talking to me, etc... one point i freaked a bit when i saw a face with fingers swaying, i felt sorta dirty... so i decided to go take a swim to refresh. LET ME TELL YOU THIS: if your mad trippin' dont ever go swimming, ull either drown or sumthing... now for me it was the peak, when i jumped in the water was sorta bittin at me and i felt like in an enveloppe. i came out quickly and wrapped myself in a towel and it was like the warmest thing ever. i got inside after drying myself and started eating sum fresh blueberries with my friend... now this was fucked... we had a full basket and two seconds later they were allll gone... i could remember commenting on the blueberries saying they were the perfect thing for every man's life, like if i was doin' everything for the first time... when i went to bed i put on the headphones and listened to sum smooth nature sounds of the ocean and sum deep forest music (strange days, desert walk, rain song)... the sleep was awesome, it was like sleeping for the very first time and i actually earned the sleep... dont ask what i mean by this... everything was fucked up by that time...

I guess you could say this was my trip; sorta weird but insightful... not as harsh as last time, had more fun giggling with friends in the basement than anything else... i guess i'll have to try it by myself sum day and see what happens... but till then hope u had fun trying to understand my story.


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