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I love hearing about peoples 1st time Journeys into the realm of the shroom.

I love hearing about peoples 1st time Journeys into the
realm of the shroom. Thus, I felt compelled to share mine -
hope you enjoy.

It was some years ago when I first sipped down the slimy
chunks in the bottom of the tea cup my friend Bill had
prepared for me. I was quite the pothead back in those days
and had smoked more than my fair share of the stinky green
dank. So when Bill offered to share his small bag of shroom
shake I said what the heck!

There wasn't much in the bag just some crumbs that I would
say equaled about an eighth but he proceeded to boil them up
with some blueberry tea I believe. And we sloshed it down.
He said that i had to swallow the chunks in the bottom of
the cup which was like swallowing tiny bits of clams, but I
downed then chewing on a few on the way down.

We then sat in his kitchen for a while and talked. He then
brought out some collectors cards of various comic book
characters and fantasy art. We sat and looked at them for a
while and then it happened. The colors in the pictures
seemed to come alive and they looked like they matched up
so well. I don't really know how to describe it. It's like
when you look at a masterpiece and the colors a so choice.
Or when you look outside right before it rains and dark
clouds are covering the sky and the colors of the grass and
trees are amazingly brilliant. Next time it rains check out
the colors if you've never done it. It's the closest I've
ever come to seeing this in a normal setting.

Anyways, All of these cards took on this effect and they
even began to pop out at me like a 3-D pictures. I even had
the feeling that i could jump right into these worlds if I
chose to. Kinda like on Mary Poppins when they jump into the
sidewalk pictures. When we were done we decided to go for a
walk outside.
Bill’s mom was watching TV in the living room and I looked
at the TV - to my amazement I could see the light coming
through the TV screen and out into the air in front of the
TV where the pictures formed in the air like a hologram.
It’s like I could see through the screen to the light
projector and see the light
patterns coming through the screen into the air. I found
this to be an amazing phenomenon.

We then walked down to an area at the end of his tailor park
that was like a kind of park where people walk their dogs
around a pathway and there was a little pond with some plant
life and small trees and shrubs growing around it. There we
met some of Bill’s friends and continued to walk around
stopping at the pond. It was in the fall season and
everything was pretty much dead and drooped over. Looking at
the scenery was awesome though. I could see how the fall
colors of nature, the various shades of grey’s and browns
blended together, it was amazing. It’s like it had always
been that way but I had never stopped to notice it before. I
felt very priviledged to be able to see nature in this way
and I had a sense of oneness with it all. I didn’t really
have any distorted views, just colors and blending's. It was
almost like I was on the set of a children’s movie where the
setting was exadurated to give a child’s perspective of the
world. One of Bill’s friends had his dog with him and I
started to play with the dog, dashing from one side to
another getting reactions from the dog. It was like I was on
the same level as the animal, like I was communicating with
him on his animal level. I had a revelation that I was
seeing like an animal sees, with heightened perception. In
journeys since then I have felt the same with my other
senses: hearing, taste and smell as well.

All in all I would have to say that this first journey into
shroomland was very pleasant and I learned much about
looking at my surroundings differently. I think that anyone
trying them for the first time should take a very moderate
dose and enjoy themselves with no threats of bad trips (I
personally have never had a bad trip on fungi) or a long,
lingering trip. I think that a mild trip can be just as
enlightening and enjoyable as a heavy one. Also, as I have
said before in previous accounts take the time to go out

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