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out of place

A couple weeks ago my friend who i'll call Andrew decided to trip since we had been growing mushrooms and now had enough to incur a good trip.

A couple weeks ago my friend who i'll call Andrew decided to trip since we had been growing mushrooms and now had enough to incur a good trip. One day we aranged to get together and eat this small bounty, he ate his on the car ride to the restaurant and i ate about half on the way. We got there, sat down ordered our food and i snuck the remaining fatty mushroom into my sandwhich and chowed down. We finished and took off.
On the way home about a half hour or so he started feeling the affects and i soon followed. We stopped at this kid Beauvs house and he was working on his pickup, i started getting antsy feeling the mushrooms start to really come on. We hung out for a while and i finally said that we had to go because i was ready to flip out, so we came back to my place.
When we got home we went to my back room to play with the computer, i have some of the neat visual stuff that i downloaded from this site and other scopes that do wierd visual things so we watched those for a while. I was feeling kinda bored so i decided to call my girlfriend to see what was up, that wasn't a good idea at first. I called her and she was crying, that brought me down from my happy place, she then asked her mom if she could come over, that was a mistake to cause i had to listen for 15 minutes as they yelled at eachother. By this point i was getting really mad, the mushrooms were kicking me in the ass big time and they brought me down big time, all i felt was that this whole argument was my fault. After they were done yelling she said that she could come over but that i had to go over to get her by myself. I set out, my mom looked at me funny and asked for me to pick up a gallon of milk on the way home. I set out. I got in my car and put on some Orbital from there second CD, that was awesome. The music seemed to flow together so nicely and i was having a good time. The windows were down in the back and it felt like there were two hands over my ears, i kept checking but there wasn't anything covering them. When i got to my girlfriends house i couldn't stop bobbing my head and beating my hands from my deep trance into the music.
I went inside as usual and her mom and sis were sitting at the table in the kitchen, great i thought just what i need, to make matters worse her mom says "so how's Rob today?" this isn't what i needed, i said i was fine and kept biting my tounge so i wouldn't break out laughing. I stood patiently for a bit. Everything kept getting in my way, they had streamers up that were a double helix like and they kept spinning so it looked like balls going up and down, i almost lost it right then. My girlfriend came out soon after though and we were out of there as quick as i could manage.
On the way home i kept spasing out hitting stuff and talking giberish, she knew what i was up to so just made sure that i would be ok and that she would drive if i didn't feel i could. I went into the store quick grabbed the milk and left, got back in the car and we headed home.
Back at home Andrew was on the porch with his head in his hands. I sat down across from him next to my girl friend and we just sat there in silence. I felt like i was rocking back and forth and music kept playing in my head. I felt like i was in a dream, it was so warm and nice. After a bit of sitting there Andrew took off and i sat with Lea. She had talked about wanting to go down on my while i was tripping but i didn't want her to so we just sat there and talked.
After a while i was bored so we headed to my room for a bit of bed, she layed next to me and i kept running my hands over her shirt and stomach, feeling this weird texture that didn't feel like skin or cloth at all. It had such a different feel than anything else. I thought to myself for a bit then told her that i wanted to lye naked with her, she agreed and we lied naked, i on top. The human body, wow did it feel different than i could ever say. It felt so entirely different, almost shapeless. There wasn't really anything great about it, it was just very dull feeling, i couldn't feel her breast pressed against my chest or anything. She wanted sex and i agreed so we had sex for a while, condoms suck but this was worse, almost no feeling at all. As it grew dark outside i neared the peak of my trip and could see red and blue spots forming things all around. We just layed there the rest of the night, me slowly decending that different place and her in my arms until i brought her home for the night.

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