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The Great Went

It was the first day of the great went (Big Phish Concert in Maine) it was an hour before the gates opened I had just gotten done makeing two roast beef sandwiches each one had 2.

It was the first day of the great went (Big Phish Concert in Maine) it was an hour before the gates opened I had just gotten done makeing two roast beef sandwiches each one had 2.5 grams of some California Gold mushrooms laced between the roast beef my friend and I ate our sandwiches and sucked down some sunny D to clear our palets of the discusting taste we locked up the car as best as possible and got in line about half in hour into our wait The mushrooms started kicking in and my stomach was hurting bad I smoked a bowl to see if that would make me feel better it only made me feel worse the gates finaly opened and people ran like no tomorrow to get in the sounds of cheering were blending into this realy strange trippy noise my friend jack had to go to the bathroom so he got in line for the porta potty I was feeling sick so I waited underneath the greanpeace tent sitting at a picknick table the music was blending and I was hearing this insanity laughter it wasnt a joyous laughter it was more of this scarey insane laughter Jack came back to the tent and picked me up we went into the small village that was setup inside the stage area We walked thru these buildings that had utterly strange designs and I heard the constant laughter of insanity we went into this own small building there was a man talking about climbing thru a pile of metal up a secret ladder to look down on the metal to pick out his art for some reason everyone in the building had this utterly strange laughing attack and we laughed and laughed wow my stomach was hurting bad I told jack to enjoy show and that I was going back to the car because I was sick he said no stay with me but I explained to him that I was sick very sick I started my way back to the car now smells were realy affecting me the smell of Pot was makeing me sick I couldnt stand it and it was everywhere I smelled somebodys hamburger and I was about to puke I got back to the desolate camping area and walked out to the parking lot to where the car was it took a while to find my car in that tripped out parking lot with strange noises flying over me I got back to the car and opened my door I sat in the front seat and listend to the radio for a few minutes but I was much to sick so I grabbed my blankets and layed down in the back seat I looked at the bland grey fabric that our car my car has on its seats the fabric started to change to pictures pictures of VW Busses and skeletons danceing with bears and Phish patches on the skeletons clothes it looked like Grateful Dead Tshirts all differnt kinds Stealys with bright red and blue and nice crome Skull faces flying bye on this bland piece of gray fabric AHHH AHHH AHH AHH I screamed as my body started shakeing whoaaa I screamed I heard a seagle it was laughing at me in more of that insane laughing noise WOOP WOOP WOOP WOOP it was the sound of a helicopter AHH I scream its getting to fucking Insane I have to get out of this car I open the door and get outside and START screaming like a Indian I dance around in an ancient Trance that feels so familar to me like something ancient Indian Shamans would feel WOO WOO WOO WOO WOO I shout the helicopter flys over me more intense sound AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I scream again Now im getting tired I have to lay down I lay down in the car and heres where I see my future A small cabin in the woods with colorful tapestries hanging on flag poles off of the porch A fully organic garden with vegetables mushrooms and Marijuana plants all growing for me and lets not forget ginseng SaintJohns Wart Rosemary Sage Oregano and many other herbs and spices in my garden no electricy no phone no running water a well and my beatiful Witch wife makeing us mushroom stew in a black cauldron on the fire inside as I water the garden Various paintings that me and my wife have painted are on the walls in this house

UUUJUHG I feel very sick I have to go out side again

I get out of the car again there is another guy there probably about 18 or 19 ever try Californian gold mushrooms I ask him No He tells me Well if you do try to eat them with caution I tell him ok he says excuse me for a moment I say to him I walk behind my car my stomach starts to rumble like a earthquake hurahghhh I puke up my sandwich yuch it tastes discusting yuch scream huh huh yuargh I puke again DRUGS SUCK I scream again oh wow now I feel a whole lot better I get a snapple out of the cooler and drink now I feel ok I walk back to the concert area paceing myself resting every couple thousand feet I find a place were you can paint pictures for free I get the paints and a paint brush and a piece of paper I find a couple kewl people sitting down at a hay table and I begin to tell them my strange tale that I have typed for you

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