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totem poles

After a bad religion concert me and two of friends decided to shroom in the new york city after the show.

After a bad religion concert me and two of friends decided to shroom in the new york city after the show. It was my first time and my other two friends have done it before. I am not sure how much I ate,enough i guess. Well the concert ended so we went to this park area and ate the shrooms. They hit me in like 20 minutes. I saw trees moving and weird colors like I was on lsd, but wasnt. I started to get really scared at all the moving object, and the wierd sounds of the city that were really intense. Well i started to freak out becuase my two friends started to stare at me or it seemed like it, and i thouyght i was going crazy. They calmed me down and we started to walk around. The plan was to take the subway and just walk around all night. Once we started walking, i kept stopping. My stomach felt like shit. I told my friends to call me a cab and i wanted to go home. I was not in a panic. They got me a cab, made sure i had money and let me go. I was so scared. The driver kept talking to me and I thought maybe he knew i was trippin and that freaked me out. I just looked out the window where i saw things moving, like a video game type situation. Then i finally got home, so scared and just wanting to go to bed and have the entire thing end. That of course was only the beginning of my night. My parents were up and waiting for me when i got home. I just ran into my room while they were talking to me, i just told them i needed sleep. I went into the room and pulled the covers over my head and began tripping for 3 hours by myself. It was the most intense, horrible experience of my life to date. Wherever i looked in my room I saw gargoils and totem pole faces. My room was not how i had known it. I closed my eyes for hours and saw such crazy things. Everything was colorful and abstract and frightening. My mind would not let me think of thinhs I wanted to. I was being controlled. All I wanted was for it to end. I never thought it was going to end. I thought I was going to be in another world forever. Thinking about that made me want to die. I could no longer feel my body and had to keep touching it to make sure I was still alive. I kept picturing myself in my mind and I was lines, verticle lines,green and purple lines. Then i was nothing. I felt I meant nothing and there was no point to life, I felt trapped. I thought about telling my parents to bring me to a hospital by I couldnt. The only thing that kept me from dying was when one friend that i was tripping with called my cell phone. It felt like telepathy, like he knew I needed him at that moment. He told me everything was going to be okay and that it would eventually end. Him telling me that gave me hope that i was not going to be this way forever.
The trip ended a few hours later. I am forever changed.

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