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About the level.

About the level... I can't actually say what level it was,
because it wasn't actually my trip...

You see, it was last year, my freshman year at college,
during Christmas break. My house had become the
place where everyone ends up when there's

About an hour or two after we all arrived two of my
friends (let's call them Quentin and Toothpick) came up
to me, acting all conspiratorial, and said they were
going to bounce... but they would be back later,
WITHOUT A DOUBT, so could I PLEASE be there when
they returned. No doubt... I would be cleaning up beer
cans until the wee hours anyhow.

It was three or four in the AM, I was cleaning, and then
came the much expected knock at my window. They
didn't want to come inside, so I stepped out for a

"Should we tell him?" Quentin to Toothpick. They
traded a look of agreement...

Toothpick: "We're tripping for the first time,"

And a big BIG smile came over all our faces, as they felt
the warm rush sensation that all you out there know so
well, and as I remembered exactly how that felt.

"Shrooms or cid?"


They asked me, with urgent tone, if I would come with
them, since I'd shroomed a few times before. They
seemed real eager to move, to walk around, to get out
of my driveway. I agreed, but I needed to get a few
things, seeing as they had definitely not come

Now I didn't want to leave them there alone, and they
couldn't stand in the same spot for more than a
second, but they were damn sure they didn't want to
come inside... a bit of a bind, seeing as I might be a few
minutes, which to them might seem an eternity... what
to do...?

"Hey, you guys know what fractals are?"


I explained it to them, slowly: think of a triangle with a
triangle on each of its sides, but half as big, and each
of them have triangles on their sides, half as big as
them... and so on....

"... and if you think about it, trees are sort of similar, you
know? There's the trunk, and that splits into a few big
branches, which split into smaller ones, and smaller
and smaller. Get it?"

A communal "Yeeeaaah?"

"So, if that's the case... then where does the tree really

Two simultaeneous expressions of illumination came
over them... and their heads snapped up to the trees
above my driveway.

"I'll be right back." But they weren't listening.
* * * * * * *

I gathered some things: I had no OJ, so cans of soda,
no herb, but a pack of cigarettes, no toys (DAMN) a
raincoat, and I was out the back door, and very ill


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