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First Time Shroomer

Before I start writing about the trip itself i'm going to explain you the background and everything why i wanted to do mushrooms.

Before I start writing about the trip itself i'm going to explain you the background and everything why i wanted to do mushrooms.

i had interest in psychedelic drugs for many years now. at first just because i couldn't imagine what it would be like to hallucinate. few months ago i found erowid by accident and read like everything on lsd i could find. then i continued with the mushrooms which, after i was done reading seemed much more appropriate for what i wanted to experience. i also didn't want to do mushrooms anymore just to experience the hallucinations. i wanted to do them because of recreational purposes.
in these months i read probably most everything i could find on mushrooms and finally found myself to be prepared.

when i was sure about wanting to take the mushrooms i printed some trip reports and basics for a friend of mine and asked him if he wanted to do the shrooms with me.
having read everything i printed he agreed and we planned to trip in a week on a friday.
though the nearer that friday came he didn't seem to want to take them anymore and finally told me on thursday that he'd like to wait another week which was fine for me of course because i didn't want him to take the shrooms if he felt he wasn't ready yet.

the next week he told me he was not going to take them at all because he was too afraid of having a bad trip.
i told him that that was no problem at all for me and decided to take the shrooms the following week for sure. now on just that friday i didn't feel too good because of stomach cramps and postponed the trip again.

now last saturday i finally felt great when i woke up told two of my best friends that i was going to take the shrooms today and they said they'd come over. one of them is quite experienced with lsd, so i wanted to wait for him to arrive before i'd ingest the shrooms.
he said he'd come around 5pm, so i had lunch (just some salted rice)at 2pm. now i'm someone who's eating all day. and if i can eat for half an hour i'm getting very hungry and i hate that feeling.
of course it was like that on saturday too but i had enogh discipline to not eat anything even if it was hard.
one of my friends (the unexperienced one) came around 6pm. the other one i was waiting for at 7pm. i had already prepared my tea with 1,25 grams of shrooms when he arrived. at 7:10pm i started drinking the tea and was finished by 7:30pm after like 15 minutes i started feeling like i had smoked some pot (which i didn't on that day) and i started to get more and more intense. one of my friends sat at my computer and the screen was pretty blurry suddenly.
i felt like i had smoked tons of pot combined with a strong alcoholic buzz which was why i had a hard time trying to walk around. unfortunately i started getting uncomfortable because i thought that i didn't like that feeling when i smoked too much pot and realized, that it was just starting and it would go on for like the next 6 hours. so i layed down watching my friends playing some quiz show simultaneously online as it was broadcasted on tv (you can win $500 there). the computer they sat at was in my room, the tv which they needed was located in my girlfriends room which we also use as the sleeping room. i finally decided to try and sleep, went to my girlfriends room and tried to sleep which was extremely hard because the tv was extremely loud and everything i heard were the questions and i though i was going crazy. with closed eyes i had some light visuals with open eyes i wasn't able to focus on anything which drove me crazy. i was able to see the computer screen from the bed and everytime i looked at it it seemed to be breathing. i'm sure i had loved that under other cicumstances but at that moment i just wanted it to end. i was also thinking that i hadn't smoked pot, but had ingested shrooms and that it was something completely different and it wouldn't stop the next 6 hours. i remember my friends coming in the room from time to time asking me if everything was alright. i wasn't able to answer though.
movements seemed to be like in some music video. very strange. i finally realized that i'd need to go to the toilet and take a piss before i could sleep, so i tried to stand up which was extremely hard and walked to the toilet. after trying to go back to my bed again i saw my friends looking at me and asking me if wouldn't want to come back to them and even though i was standing like 3 metres away from them they seemed to be right in front of my head. i agreed and they wondered why. when i was looking for my trouser i wondered why i had agreed too, but i still came back to them.

from now on everything started to feel great because everyone seemed happy and relaxed and i relaxed too and started to enjoy it.
i decided to smoke a cigarette which was very interesting because it was so much fun. i usually don't smoke a lot but on that evening i smoked a pack of cigarettes alone. when i didn't look at the cigarette i'd forget that i was smoking and when i looked at it i was like "wow, i'm smoking!". also the cigarette felt HUGE when i didn't look at it and i couldn't believe it was so small when i saw it :)

for some time i laid back in my girlfriends arms which felt even better that usual. not sure how to explain it but i felt so protected and comfortable and i told her not to move for the rest of the evening because i wouldn't either. :)

over the whole trip my flat looked completely different than it usually does. it seemed a lot bigger, just like one is moving in. i'm not sure how to describe that feeling as well.
the kitchen looked very strange too. when i was getting something to drink it was so bright that it was a little bit blurry/foggy. i found that quite amusing.

i had some hard time figuring out how late it was because i didn't have the slightest clue how slow time was passing by. 1 minute seemed like 10 hours. sometimes i couldn't even estimate if some time had passed by or not. i'm used to that feeling because i am a more or less regular pot smoker but that was way stronger.

talking to my friends was kind of fun, because everytime someone would ask me something i'd hear it like they were talking to me from some distance and when i answered i knew i wasn't telling any crap but at the same time i was surprised about being able to speak. very strange feeling. again very hard to describe.

around 11pm i knew the "trip" was starting to end. very softly. i didn't even realize it for some time. i smoked some pot with my friends and went to bed around 1:30am. i was very tired but happy.
while sleeping i remember dreaming a lot and i remembered most of it. i love dreaming so that was awesome for me.

unfortunately i had a hangover the next day with some uncomfortable headache against which nothing helped at all.

overall it was an awesome experience and i am glad i started with exactly that dosage. i'm sure i wouldn't have been able to cope with visuals but i'm pretty sure i would now.

i'm planning to have my next trip in a month or so.

this has been quite a long report and i think i know that everyone feels the same when taking that dose but i just had to write it down. :)

take care!

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