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Chillin all night

My friend picked me up and we played the shroom song from the first eminem c.

My friend picked me up and we played the shroom song from the first eminem c.d. we picked up the shrooms that were at a friends house pretty close by to us, and then went to mcdonalds. We wanted to put the shrooms in a cheeseburger and then munch it down. We got to his house and went upstairs to his room. We put them in our burgers and ate it. I really didn't start to feel anything for about 45 minutes. I remember being really relaxed as we were playing football on Playstation and smoking cigarettes. Soon i started to feel really numb. We started to talk about why we chose to do this when we could be out meeting new girls intstead of sitting in a room. For a while everything was too intense and I crawled up in a little ball and couldn't move. I went to the bathroom and everything seemed woozy and wobbly. My friend commented that we were healthy and had working penis's and how we were so fortunate. We weren't that good of friends and felt a little uncomfortable with each other. We weren't good friends for stupid reasons at school and told each other that we loved each other and actually hugged. Then everything got better. We started laughing a lot and flexing in front of the mirror. I went back to the floor becasue I couldn't stand. My friends face was changing into different superheroes and different characters when he was dancing in front of the mirror. It was wild. I wish I would have had more hallucinations but the experience was overall a numbness throught my body, and yes, my pupils got really big.

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