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I Hate My Tolerance

For the heck of it, here's a report from the first week of December.

For the heck of it, here's a report from the first week of December. By way of background, this is my first year of hunting down my own wild mushrooms - p. cyans in particular. In the past, I've eaten some cubensis and had some pretty good trips, but never had eaten "found" mushrooms, let alone cyans. I've noticed my tolerance is a little higher than most people. I'll eat the same amount as others and they'll be flying while I'm just doing OK.

Well, I thought that cyans would pack significantly more punch to 'em, so I went with what was probably 1.5 grams dry. Maybe a little more, maybe a little less. I was going to eat 'em in the morning early. I got up, had a cup of coffee to basically wake up, and chowed down at a little after 7 am. Around 7:40 or so I noticed the beginnings of a body buzz come over me. Kinda pleasant and different. Since I'd taken what I thought was a level 3 dose, I just thought "great, lot more comin'..." Well, by about 8:40 there wasn't much more happening although I was feeling the urge to smile and kinda giggle and had BOUNDLESS energy - running up and down stairs and that kind of thing. Well, by around 9:15 or so, no visuals were happening at all and I was getting kinda bored just sitting around, what with all this energy and all. Time to go walking.

I went out and started walking around the neighborhood. It was a real clear day and very sunny. The walk was definitely the highlight of the trip. While I was walking I just feel a real euphoria about how lucky I was to have the various things I've got and to be alive and healthy in such a beautiful part of the world (Pacific Northwest). While out walking, I came across some real good looking amanitas, so I took the caps and kept on strolling. It was great - very up and positive experience.

After a while, I came to a park and suddenly - bam! It started hitting me that I hadn't eaten anything and I was getting a real major fade. Tired, etc. I kinda struggled my way back home and had something to eat. I noticed any and all effects were gone by around 11.

All in all, it was very much an OK experience. I was looking forward to a lot more, but I think I do have a pretty good tolerance for psylocibin (don't tell me - I know I misspelled it, but I'm too lazy to check the spelling right now) and I think to get a higher level trip I'm just going to have to substantially increase dosage. Oh well. Just wish I'd started hunting in laying in a supply before now.

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