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trippin at school

it took 15 minutes for my shrooms to kick in, everyone says that that is pretty quick, but it was crazy!

it took 15 minutes for my shrooms to kick in, everyone says that that is pretty quick, but it was crazy! i went to 4th period when i first started to trip, and i forgot i had a test to do (which i bombed by the way), well the board was like moving in and out like waves, and all the colors in the carpet were swirling together and making all of these crazy ass shapes, my desk was moving like waves too and my test paper was doing it too, i tried to touch the desk to feel it move but it didn't work, i was so confused, then i went to lunch and spent my whole lunch period in the bathroom while my friends ate some shrooms, i sat down on the floor and my friend B came out and told me to get the fuck out of the corner, i didn't even realize that i was in the corner, she said it looked really obvious, well when i went to 5th period (theater arts or drama), me, B, and sue, were all trippin, and we could not stop laughing for anything, we laughed so hard at everyone who was acting up on stage, it was a fucking comedy show, then walking in the hall trying to get to my next class was hell b-cuz to me and B everyone looked like they were acting, they all knew thier lines and everyone knew what they were doing but us, we'd walk down the hall and the crowd swallowed us, everyone looked so perfect like some kind of TV show, it was so scarey, fun but very frightening. we didn't know what to do, so we ran to the bathroom and chilled there for awile till the bell rang, well while i was in there i looked in the mirror and i saw something big and white in the back corner of the bathroom and i spun around really fast (not to smart for first timers) but when i looked, nothing was there, i got really scared and told B "lets go B, NOW!" well when i got to class i started to completely chill. well when i got on the bus to go home i was so mean, so so so mean, i bitched out this guy for no reason, i felt bad about that afterwards but thats ok, when i got home i pigged out and ate everything in sight i was so hungry for some reason, that was my first trip on shrooms, it scared me but at the same time gave me one hell of an experience, a good experience. tell me what level you think my trip is....

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