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At the beggining of '00, I was intent on scoring my mushrooms!

At the beggining of '00, I was intent on scoring my mushrooms!! All my previous trips had been positive and uplifting so I recieved a cue to dose again. I pestered a freind of mine for a $5 sample and he gave me one tiny mushroom. I went home and set up everything for the trip, like lighting candles and incense, getting out a journal for the thoughts and feelings on the dose and such. I started around 11:00 with a glass of OJ and 10 minutes later I felt like I was very warm and heavy. I then percieved myself on a cloud and felt an equal sensation, and I looked down from heaven and smiled. I was on the phone with my ex and she was sooo happy. I was entirely ELATED and told her i loved her and wanted to eat her up repeatedly!! I DID TOO!! COLORS were a little brighter and my sensations were awesome!! I watched tom green harass an old lady in a car sleeping and it was surreal!! He made me bust out. Also, I had a cigarette on the phone in the snow and I thought it was kinda melting!! it was sooo wierd. I listened to LEd Zeppelin and that was wavy cause fof the batteries being almost dead I laughed my ass off!! Try listening to "Bring It on Home" with a crappy power source shrooming and you might understand!! I did'nt like samuel l. jacksons sttitude on TV and screamed" He sucks " Wierd huh!! It lasted for and hour and a half but was quite memorable!! Im surprised I even tripped at that small of a dose!! PEACE OUT EVERYONE!!!

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