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First Timer

This was my first trip, and i have to say a pleasant one, me and a good friend decided to try shrooms, and had a gram each that we bought from the local dealer.

This was my first trip, and i have to say a pleasant one, me and a good friend decided to try shrooms, and had a gram each that we bought from the local dealer. Well anyways we had planned this trip and discussed it with others and we had very negative comments from people saying, oh you guys are idiots, dont do that just smoke weed, n shit like that. Also i almost lost a female friend of mine when i did this, she said that it wasnt me and we had a long talk and came to an understanding, but by now i had mixed feelings about doing this and then i was at my friends house and we left to go get some food. Well we went to Tim Hortons and bough alot of timbits, then put the shrooms in the timbits and ate em, mmmmmm not too bad, well it had been like 20 minutes and i was walking on the curb trying to balance and i tripped, my legs went retarded and i like went to one side then the other and almost fell, it was so weird, my friend laughed at me. Then we walked up past our old elementary school and saw, the most beautiful playground ever. it was asking to be played on. We ran and occupied ourselves for about 10 minutes and then my friend was on the swings, and i ran to get on the other swing, he started laughing and said i was running in slow motion, but it wasnt like that to me, then i had to shit really bad and i told my friend to run away thats how bad i had to shit and he was like ahhhhhhh running then it went away and we went to the grocery store and were gonna buy some food but we couldnt decide we just walked around the store, and my friend said, pick something and i said, i cant i dont know how, and he says, ill teach u, i think i fell i laughed so hard well then we bought some stuf and went back walking to his house. Then we stopped on the sidewalk, we had been having laughing bursts. but i watched my friend walk over to the drain and i saw him look both ways, then i like watched but i didn know what i was watching i was fucked i couldnt understand nething, i clued out, i was somewhere else then like a minute later my friend was like come on lets go and i like woke up and said, what did u just do? and he turns around and goes shhhhhhh its a secret, omg i laughed so hard i cant explain how hard i laughed, then we got back to his house, but we were still on the road and my friend sat down on the road and sat there, like as if he was tired, when we got in his house we were in his basement and we were gonna go upstairs near his parents so we were gonna try not to laugh and we laughed quietly in the basement for like five minutes for no reason at all. then when i got up in his room i layed down and couldnt get up. after it all wore off i felt great then the next day i was tired, but im so doing this again, its great.

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