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Ok, 16M i was going to Colorado for 4 days with my best friend Jon(also 16).

Ok, 16M i was going to Colorado for 4 days with my best friend Jon(also 16). We had to bring over some shrooms, Although we were scared. Well our 2nd day of snowboarding were so fucking cool, then that night we decided to do it. We got hooked up by my boy steve. Well n e way that night was one of the best nights of my life. We were newbies at this and didnt know how much to take. We decided that we would just split the 8th between us. we at it with CINIMON TOAST CRUNCH! GOD THAT WAS GOOD. dide feel anything for the past hour, my friend on the other hand was already triping. The it KICKED in like lighting. All of the sudden i started to see some wierd ass shit like the walls caving in. Not that i was scared or anything but if was just the coolest thing i have ever seen. Later on that night the "giggling gas" started to kick in. I was laghing so hard that almost pissed my pants. 10:30 PM we woke the guy that was responcible for us up. He came in and said "WHATS GOING ON!" (still keeping the giggles inside) we chilled out. Our pupils HUGE!. We then started to whach cartoons. While whaching these cartoons. I recomend whaching cartoon with a plot because it makes you think and its TRIPPY AS HELL!.

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