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pet sitting

well i dont want to bore anyone so i will try and make this as short as possible.

well i dont want to bore anyone so i will try and make this as short as possible.

For about a month me and all my friends were extremly desperate for mushrrooms, but week after week our dealer kept on telling us how his shipment didnt get in and shit like that Finally 3 days after christmas he called us up and told us to meet him and a motel to pick them up. we all started going crazy because we werwe so happy. Well anyways so that night we told our parents that we would see a movie and so when they drove us there we would leave to take the shrooms and have a safe place to trip. It turned out that, that week i was asked to do some pet sitting for family friends, and there house was INSANELY LARGE like im talking about 7 bathrooms and 8 bedrooms, well anyways since they were gone for a week and i had the key we took a taxi there and put the shrooms in sandwishes when we got there......

half an hour later and one sandwish with half and eigth, i got a wave of tingles sent through my body and that when i knew they started their job, all my other 5 friends felt other things to. I started to feel extremly peaceful and started sucking on plants and just doing a whole bunch of wierd shit, after we decided to explore the house and that was when i saw smoke appear out of nothing, well anyways all that crazy shit happened and for some reason i got really attached to all the pets so i decided to throw a party for them and give them all the food they wanted, so i ended pouring the whole container of fish food into the tank with three 10 pound tropical fish.....half an hour later we all woke up at of some kind of daze to the horrible smell of fish, and thats when i noticed that the tank was totally brown and the three fish were on the bottom of the tank,,, then i flipped out and we all started crying very hard because we thought we had made friends with them...............................after all that the next day when i was sober i went back to the house to try and make it look like what i had done was a mistake so i took a knife and cut the tubes to the filter making it look like the three cats did it. everything was fine and i never got caught....

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