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The times i triped

I don't really now what level this should be at so i just picked level 1.

I don't really now what level this should be at so i just picked level 1.

The first time I did mush was when I was 15. Me and my best friend Karen wanted to try it forever so we planed out a date it was the night of a dance. We split an eighth. We ate them before the dance and as soon as we got in it started to kick in. When people were danceing I was seeing tracers.

The second time I did it I drank too. I ate half of an eight again. I was seeing bright colors. Then when I was walking home I looked at the bike tracks in the mud and they looked like snakes and alligators.

The third time I did them I did them at a dance again and this time they were stronger. When I was looking at people they had like 4 eyes and it was just like in the movies when someone was like on some kind of drug and the stuff they seen it was all like that with me it was scaring me. It seemed like every one was looking at me and laughing. Then after the dance I left and went out and we were walking by this park me and a couple of friends and I was like “Look there is lots of people on that park.” and there was no one there and the other people I was with weren’t on anything so they were looking at me like I was stupid or something cause none of them have every done it before.

My forth time I did them I took a little more then a half of an eight and I was at a party and Idrank half of a 2 6 and I had smoked lots of weed. I think that that was my best trip I was looking t this poster and there was these people in there and they were all moving around and stuff. But then I wondered off and I was found laying down at a bus stop at 2:30 in the morning and when they asked me what I as doing at the bus stop I thought that I was waiting for the bus but where I live the bus stops at 11:30.

I’ve done mush about 8 or 9 times and I love it if anyone wants to try it but they are too scared to I say to them do it it’s the best.

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