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my very first time

my very first time using mushrooms was last summer.

my very first time using mushrooms was last summer...i was with a couple of friends of mine and i'm not sure how much i ate, not too much, because i wasn't that high really... but anyways around 10 or so that night, we all made some tea, drank it, ate the mushroom pieces and then i waited... actually, i don't think they tasted that bad. about 20 minutes after eating them, i got a little bit of a stomach ache, so i cooked myself a couple of eggs...it seemed to do the trick. then around 11:30 my friends were like "this is a nature drug, we gotta go for a walk." i wasn't really feeling anything yet, so we headed for the park. at this point i'm laughing at stupid things, i was looking at this sign that said "seven day adventist church" i laughed and said "wow, 7 days, that is one hell of a trip!" it made so much sense then, but it doesn't now! ...i started to feel a little weird, and i was thinking "yea! finally, they are kicking in!" i was just damn happy for some reason, walking along the paths in the park, looking out over the river, which was just beautiful, and eating sunflower seeds. i was content, then i started to see tracers, which was so cool, and the grass as we were walking along was one big blur, melting together. and i swear to god i kept seeing these little gnome-like creatures crouching in the grass, smoking a bowl..i kept saying to my friends "hey guys, look at the gnomes, they want us to join them in a sesh!" they just looked at me and laughed... then we started to walk towards this swing set, and here's when things started to get weird. one the swings were 2 people swinging, all dressed in white..i'm like "hey look! angels!" and i start to walk closer to these people, like they're aliens, i hold out my hand and say "hi guys!" i'm really intrigued at this point, i mean, i really thought they were angels! then all of a sudden this guy, all dressed in black, steps out from behind the angels, and it freaked the hell out of me! i start screaming "holy fuck, it's the grim reaper!!" now i am practically hysterical, and my friends come up to me, trying to calm me down. they succeeded, but for the next few minutes, i kept repeating "that's just fucked up..." next i see a train bridge, and stupid me decides hey! let's walk across it! it's so damn dark out, and at the time, i didn't realize hey, i could fall off here, but here i am walking across it anyways, and then, oh shit, i fall! my leg goes between 2 ties, all the way up to my crotch, but the side of my leg was hurting bad. i started to panic because i couldn't get out, but luckily, my friends helped me...they weren't as fucked up as i, they had done these things lots..
so i get to solid ground again, and we take a look at my leg....good, no blood, but a bruise the size of my outstretched hand! and not just a little bit, like, really black and it hurt like hell...(actually, to this day, the muscle in my leg is still bruised....it's a blood clot of some sort, i went to the doc...they ask me how i did it, and i said i fell in a gopher hole! great thinking there....) anyways, after that happended i just wanted to go home, so we walked, well, i limped, towards home... and to even further scare the shit out of me, and train went on that bridge about 20 minutes later... that night, and the next day i was thinking back to everything, and i was like, jesus christ i could've been killed, i am so stupid, i am not touching those things again.... i think i just shouldn't go outside much... a lesson learned here...don't go anywhere near bridges.... but now, i've been thinking, i want to try shrooms again, and have a good trip... i'll let you know....

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