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I Crazy Diamond

Out of my circle of friends who've all pretty much dabble in drugs ranging from beer to ecstacy, only I and Serch really appreciate, and understand the shrooms.

Out of my circle of friends who've all pretty much dabble in drugs ranging from beer to ecstacy, only I and Serch really appreciate, and understand the shrooms. Our other friends say there's too much thinking involved, and if they do trip, they feel the need to sit in some crummy bar. Anyway, it was last summer, and me and Serch were waiting for shrooms to arrive, in my downtown Chicago apartment(in a highrise). The shrooms arrive. We both bought an eighth each. Serch eats his straight, and washes them down with oj. I put mine on a pb&j sandwich(taste like a dirt and stick sandwich). We sike ourselves up for about ten minutes, and then this highschool kid from my building stops by with two of his friends(as he always does), and they want to smoke their swag weed in my apt., because they have no where else to go. This preturbed me for a moment, since I was in no mood to smoke their swag. I could feel my trip coming on after about 30 min, and I made it a point not to smoke, and it was weird sitting there watching them. At this point I put on a Massive Attack cd(mezzanine) and BOOOOOOOOOM. I like to call that trembling feeling in the beginning of a trip turbulence, and I was definitely feeling it. I could tell Serch was, as he kept walking back and forth from the kitchen to the living room, and all I hear is the music, and these kids freestyling. When the geek out of the group found out we were tripping, he tried to scare us or some stupid shit, and made this ugly face. His face looked like a wrinkled puppet,and that was my first visual. Soon after, the kids left, and we were really in outer space then. We speedballed a conversation about what just happened, and I changed the cd to Hendrix, South Saturn Delta. Again Boooooooooooooom. I swear, at this point, it felt like we were like facing our trip(it was as if a great dark wall was facing us) and the whole world was behind us, and it was fucked up. It felt like if we were to turn around, we would have been inside of it, and tripping our asses off.

The more time that went by, the more it disappeared. I remember flipping through the radio stations, and that song Freebird was on, and it made me feel sad but happy. Then...it was time for Floyd. I put in Shine On...and this is what I did. I sat on the couch, and closed my eyes. Serch thought I was freaking out, but I paid it no mind, or tried to at least. And in my head, I floated along with every nuance of the album. Welcome to The Machine just about freaked me out, and in the intro of have a cigar, I saw myself in that room with all those people. Every once in a while I'd open my eyes, and Serch was always in a different spot of the apt. looking intently at things. I also noticed that he lined up every pair of my shoes in front of the heater. Now at the last part of Shine On...I was really far into my head, and was at the point where if I went further, I'd never come back. I opened my eyes.

Next, me and Serch cracked ourselves up imitating Seinfeld, which seemed to be perfectly. I was thinking, everybody is like the same person, and Seinfeld was really in the room. "look at the couch. A friend of ours called, and as I listened to him in his drunken stupor talk, I felt like I was on a screen, and Serch was looking at me. Space seemed to shift around. Then I gave the phone to Serch, and as I watched him talk on the phone, it felt like he was on a screen, and I was the audience. I looked at the couch shift around, and thought, Its colorful, yet its dull." (I have a gray and dark blue couch). Serch got off the phone. It got to a point where we both felt like we were aliens. Seriously. The world outside my sixteenth floor window was surreal. Buildings were melting, and cars were slime moving down the streets. I put on more Jimi. First Rays Of The New Rising Sun.

Needless to say it was the most beautiful shit. If you know the cover to this album, well all the colors were swimming and Jimi was gazing. And on the inside, there is a picture of Jimi and the Experience playing on a stage, and thats what I saw. They were moving and it was like I was looking at a video. The song "My Friend" came on, and it was trippin us out. We came down watching cartoons, and some show on the nature channel about this mouse, and his small cuddly animal friends, living in this staged forrest. It was narrated by this gentle voiced old guy. So I put in Meddle, and it went along with that pretty good.

I say I'd rate this about a strong 3. Maybe four.

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