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1/4 gram of aborts.

I have tripped several times off mushrooms in the past, but only at low levels.

I have tripped several times off mushrooms in the past, but only at low levels. After not being able to get them for several years I decided to grow my own. I have had a tough time growing and I have tons of aborts... I was not going to let these go to waste, though. I decided I would start at very low doses... and slowly work myself up getting comfortable with each dose. On the Erowid web site it states that you can feel the effects of mushrooms at .25 dried grams, so I thought this would be a good place to start... next I'll take half a gram... then a gram... then 1.5 grams and so on. Earlier tonight I measured out about .25 grams of dried and powdered Psilocybin cubensis mushroom aborts. I injested these with a spoonful of honey. They tasted gross. I started feeling something shortly afterwards... nothing mind bending... just something different than the usual. I'm VERY sensitive to any kinds of drugs, so I can tell... this wasn't placebo. Anyways, I had some strange physical sensations... my body felt incredibly relaxed. I felt like I was floating on a pillow of clouds. My vision seemed changed somehow, but I couldn't tell exactly what was different about it... it seemed like I had a better appreciation for shapes or something. As these feeling progressed I felt a little bit giddy and couldn't stop smiling. I was listening to the radio and music seemed a little more 'wide' and vivid. I felt like dancing and danced around the room a bit. It put me in a really good mood and I decided to lay down on the bed and think for awhile. I thought about some childhood memories that I haven't thought of in years... this started a nostalgic streak of vivid recollections. I don't think I would have remembered so well without the mushroom. I felt very emotional... much more than usual. I also started remembering some of the more current dreams I've had. I hadn't remembered them until taking the mushrooms. This was the peak of the experience... after this the effects slowly faded. I was left in a very good mood with lingering taste of mushroom in my mouth and a bit of a stomach ache. I can't wait to trip again a little bit harder. I have one other trip report under level 1 called "First Trips". Thanks for reading even though it was kind of boring.
Peace, love, and music...

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