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The aquarium

This trip is old school but I thought I post it for purposes of semantics.

This trip is old school but I thought I post it for purposes of semantics. One day in March '98 I decided I wanted to dose a second time from my eighth of cubes and hang out at my house and gain some insight into the psilocybe world. The prior trip had been cool and dreamy but not insightful or introspective so I decided to lower the dose from 1.5 grams to .5 grams (I needed to conserve). I distinctly remember talking to my cousin the last trip and he said it was like a dream and I said it was so beautiful, but im was'nt getting any visuals (level 2 or better). This trip was different, and thats odd considering the dose. I grabbed a little golden cap and popped in in my mouth and chewed it up till it was tasty slime. I kept it in my mouth for a while and washed it down with OJ for a potentiating effect. I sat around for a bit not really thinking about it and talked to my parents for a while. It was around 4:30 or so and my dad and I decided on going to Arby's for dinner. So we hop in the family vehicle, the station wagon ha ha, and we were off. I remember tuning him out like i usually do because he's so boring. I just wanted to eat. Just as we were pulling up to the restaurant I saw trailers off the back of a moving car. As I walked in the restaurant I began to feel like I was drunk and I laughed the girl behind the counter. I dont know, it seemed appropriate at the time so I did it. My dad just looked at me wierd but I did'nt care. We were off eventually again and I kept on rambling on to him about how much I loved arbys and how I wanted to eat and we got home before I knew it. I walked and sat down at the table and munched. That food tasted better than any other food Ive ever had. Also, I started to trance out and get stuck in looping thoughts like "this is good food" and whats up with that candlestick," which was right in front of me. It glowed a deep bronze and I stared at it for many minutes and I looked deeply into the reflection on its mirrory surface. I thought "what if there is a world in that candlestick, just like what is seen in a mirror." That thought reminded me of the story "through the looking glass," the sequel to "Alice in Wonderland" which has a plot about the girl Alice who looks into a mirror and goes into it to find the Jabberwocky. I finished my food and got up for a drink and turned an about face into the kitchen and BAMN! I was stopped in my tracks. The blue dawn glow outside looked like water. I swear I saw rippling water out there and it reminded my of looking into a fish tank with deep blue water. It was quite fascinating. I then went upstairs and threw in Led Zeppelin Three and put on "friends." The song moved to dance and I realized how important the lyrical message of that song is. I vowed quietly to myself then that I would always stand by my friends no matter what. I just chilled out for a while trancing out to the bright colors layering everything. Also, the TV displayed some wierd strobing effects and shadows all over, especially when I was watching JAG. The night wore on and I didnt experience that much more except for more bright colors and a trip to the store and my grumpy dad and so on. It turns out the trip lasted about five hours and was more visually intense than the last and higher dose experience. I can say that maybe the OJ and the slow ingestion may account for that though. Also, for weeks afterward I was glowing with love!

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