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First Psychedelic

About 6 months ago I found myself curious what the psychedelic experience was like, and I did a few searches on Yahoo!

About 6 months ago I found myself curious what the psychedelic experience was like, and I did a few searches on Yahoo! and Lycos and read a short acid trip report. It was very simple, and I became more curious. Eventually I found The Shroomery and I became very curious about psychedelics... after reading almost every coherent trip report on the site I wanted to trip for the first time very badly.. I read about other hallucinogens such as DXM, but decided not to bother with DXM because of it's neurological damage it can cause.

Finally, my chance came when my friend called and asked if I wanted to buy a gram of mushrooms up front. I wanted to buy about 3 and a half grams, but it was all he had.

So he drops off the shrooms after school and I eat them. The taste wasn't that bad, compared to what people were saying about it. It tasted like sunflower seed shells.

Anyway, after chewing on them for 10 minutes I swallowed the rest and waited on the computer for it to kick in while listening to music. After 40 minutes I began to feel different, but couldn't pin-point it. Suddenly it hit me and I felt alot of energy.. I felt great, and the only way to express myself how I felt was to giggle and laugh.

When I got up to go to the washroom I felt kind of floaty and had lots of energy. I looked in the mirror and my pupils were pretty good. I spent about 20 more minutes on the computer listening to music and laughing once in awhile.

I invited my friend Sean to come over because I didn't feel like doing nothing while on a zooming stoning effect. He brought over a new guitar he got for his birthday and me, my brother and him talked for a few hours. I watched TV, and everything looked normal to a certain point, but had some sort of unexplained weirdness too it. I didn't get any visuals, but my perception of everything around me was hallucinating, and made everything seem new and interesting. I spent most of the night watching a Moon-walk conspiracy on Fox while monkeying around with my brother and friend and such, making messed up jokes and stuff. Eventually I came down around 10:30 and fell asleep around 12:00am. The next day I felt somewhat exhausted, and that was it. When I said everything had some sort of weirdness, I ment that I was on the first step on the staircase of tripping.. the weirdness felt as if it has potential to really get weird.

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