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Shrooms vs. beer

I am a first time user.

I am a first time user. I am actually just coming down from my supposed high right now. I just wanted to post this report to let any soon to be experimenters know that this shit doesn't work for everyone (as I found out tonight).

I started my "fun" by taking half an eighth. I felt minimal effects after an hour so I downed the other half. Being my first time, I assumed I would really be affected. Based on supposed "real" reports from friends and other "trip reports" on this website, I thought I would see amazing colors and images for hours on end.

I want all of you "trippers" who despise beer to really listen to this now: My effects were nothing more than a feeling of extreme drunkenness!

That's right, folks.! I could have spent my $30 on a couple cases of beer and gotten the same damn results (two nights in a row)!

Of course, this is just my experience. My friends will continue to rave over this shit and swear up and down that it turned their world upside down. I, on the other hand, will avoid the offspring of cow shit, and continue to be loyal to my precious beer!

I am glad I have at least experimented and found that this is not for me. I will say that it really made me do some deep thinking and I wonder if it may have even made me more sober (or, at least, more REAL) than I will actually be in the morning (when I am "sober" as defined by the masses).

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