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trip while flying

I live in alberta canada and iwent to vancouver for a couple of days for a funeral.

I live in alberta canada and iwent to vancouver for a couple of days for a funeral.so anyways we had to fly back home at 7:30 am so we had to get up at 5:30. anyways the trip to the airport was long but it was nice out the sky was at first light, and there was just the smallest slice of a moon. befor we left i ate a little less than a gram of good mush washed down with juice. when we got to the airport i could start to feel them. i had some anxiousness so i headed to the washroom . it was about 40 minuets to our flight. in the bathroom with use of a pop can (gross)i smoked my last few hoots of weed it was really good pot . well that kicked my mush in the walls started to gently flow and sort of melt together this made me smile . doing mush in really cool situations is as mush fun as doing massive trips. for me the high wasat the perfect level there was mild interesting visuals. i wasnt to stoned that i felt uncomfortable but i was stoned enough that it wasnt boring . i had the same sort of feeling that i had when i was younger and i flew.as the plane taxied down the runway i closed my eyes neon blobs of goo melted into each other as the plane lifted off i felt like a rush go thru my body and we were airborn. a beautiful day the sun glistening off the ocean, boats,mountains and sky scrapers.we were served breakfast which tasted wonderful all the while i was listening to various rock songs on my headphones. once in awile i would space out looking out the windows and forget where i was and wonder how i had this view then it would come back to me. landing was also cool. i went walking around wating for my flight. everthing kinda of looked disjounted from normal everything kind of flowed around and certain perspectives wouldnt be right. then a found a magazine store i couldnt resist i had to look at the porn . o man i love porn. club confidential was the one i had . it was great lezbo action, blow jobs, 69 the whole nine yards. the girls were all so gorgeous. i got so horny the biggest hard on. so i had to sneak into the bathroom to beat my meat good old masturbation i stood in the stall just full going there is just something so naughtty about beating off i had the most intense explosive orgasm. i moaned loudly and i blew a giant cum blast all over my hands, my dick and the floor. after we caught the short flight home there isnt much more to report a real fun time. by the way dont you all just love masturbation like i jerk off everyday sometimes twice or thrice. and watching a girl pleasure herself is such a turn on . just thinking about that makes me hard in fact i think i have to go enjoy myself. and you should to i promise you wont go blind. so guys break out the porn and ladies break out those vibgrators or just use your fingers. lets hear some more masturbation or sex tales.

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