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First timmer

Keep in mind that this happened a while ago, since then I've also tried Acid, but this first trip was on New Mexican Goldens.

Keep in mind that this happened a while ago, since then I've also tried Acid, but this first trip was on New Mexican Goldens.

I was at a friends Birthday party the night that I recieved the shroom. It was a little golden cap grown wild some where around new mexico, USA. I was tired when the guy gave it to me and so I decided to save it for later.

It was about 1 week before I had the time to dose, I kept the shroom under my dresser. I chewed it up, stem and all, about an hr or two before dark and then drank a few gulps of water to make sure that it all got down. I thought that the taste was delicious and then just to get the most I could out of it I poured the spores out of the bag and ate those too.

It was probably about a half hr before I started to trip. When I did I noticed that things swirrled around. I was hoping that it would get better, but it didn't get much better then things swirrling around and breathing. About 1/4 of the way thorough the trip, it lasted until I went to sleep, I had to go to the bathroom, the shrrom was making my stomach upset.

While I was walking to my house, I live in a trailor apart from my parents and siblings up in the mountains, I noticed that all the trees were breathing and swaying, even though there wasn't any breeze that night. When I got to house, it seemed like it was further away then normal, I noticed that my arm kind of sprung out to the door knob. When I entered the house every thing seemed normal, like I had suddenly came down, but then my cat ran out of the wall and I realized that I was still tripping.

I walked back to the bathroom and when I sat down on the pot and looked at the door It looked like it started to get further away from me. I finished up and went out of the door. I then noticed that my littlest brothers light was on, and it was like 10 or sumthing like that. I knocked on his door and he told me to come in. I asked him if he was okay, and he said that he was just stayin up late to finish this book that he was really into.

I then started back to the front door and on my way through the kitchen I saw my cat again, he was sitting on the table. I picked him up and started to go back to my room. I put him down when I got outside, since he knows his way to my room. I started walking back and I again noticed that the trees were doing their dance. I got back into my room and got on the internet. I spent the rest of the night listining to music, surfing the net, and thinking about life...

I think that this was a great trip and can't wait to go shroom hunting this spring. I know that one of my friends has them growing out in his yard, plus I think that I can find some around my own land.

Thanks for taking the time to read my report, and always have happy shrooming.

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