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The Graveyard

This is my first time using mushies.

This is my first time using mushies. At 3:30 me and my homie K ingested 2gz of Psilocybe cubensis, we both loved the flavor and munched on our share for awhile enjoying the peanut butter like flavor. After we dosed we rolled over to our friend Smoke Dogs house and sat downstairs for awhile..This was about a half hour after we ingested the mushies and neither I or my friend were feeling anythign yet. We decided to go have a smoke and walk around the block and see what was crackin'. When we started our walk both me and K had this great feeling of happiness. Everything seemed much brighter and more beautiful. Normally we don't even glance at the shit, and now it seemed so beautiful. Neither of us were tripping hard by any means yet, no visuals or 2d pattners w/ eyes closed, but fuckin it was comming. We only had 4gs of ou quarter bag,l so we still had about 3.5gs or so left over. After our walk we went back into smoke doggs house and sat around, here the wall to me seemed to be "breathing" but it wasnt anything major and was short lived. Now it was me, K, smoke dogg and John. So 4 of us. We were all bored and Smoke DOg and John were waiting for me and K to start trippin bad and what not. We decided to all go on another walk, about halfway through the walk me and K still werent feeling anything major, so we split the rest of the bag up and gobbled down. So at about 5:00 exactly, we ingested about 3.5gs each of mushies. We finished our walk with no new cool things happening, and we all decided to cruise over to the Graveyard and see what was up. (we wanted somewhere to sit while the big trip came on) We got to the GY (my friend K was driving) and we sat there. This is when the trip started kicking in. It was about 5 30 (2 1/2hrs after initial ingestion) and I was sittin on the passnegers side, and Ks face started to bubble and it looked like shit was crawling under his skin. My pants also started moving and flowing like they were alive with bugs on em or some shit. My friend K also started tripping and repeatedly kept saying "Soon youll understand" I started getting pissed cuz all he said was "youll understand" goddamit i already understood. I went and retrieved a smoke out of my pack and I noticed my Marb. lights all looked like little shrooms, I also noticed smoking it was quite a task. At about 6:30 we all got out of the car and stood around this huge tree that looked like a big shroom, it looked like all the trees around us were reachiang twards us and shit. It was fun. After awhile we decided we needed a new placve, and went to my friend Ks house. We got there and went in my friend Kz room and shut the ligths off. He has abunch of glowing planets and shit, they looked like they were pulsating. Also I was seeing cool ass 3d objectsl floating in the air. His parents came home aobut half a hour later and our pupils were fuckin huge so we decided to split..(when his brother came home the first question he asked...Did u eat acid?) We left and went down some old road and smoked a few bowls, both of us were comming down completely. All in All it was if anything a positive experience. No time through the trip did I feel scared or anything. In fact i didn't feel anything other than some general confusion. I was kind of disappointed about the whole thing, but I'm hoping it was cuz this was my 1st time w/ hard drug. Ive only smoked bud before this. Hope you liked my story
-Btw, im 5'11, 130lbs. So is my friend.

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