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shrooms w/ friends

I dont know how many times I have done mushrooms.

I dont know how many times I have done mushrooms.
A lot. The first time was probably the best, but one night
me and this guy I had been hanging out with a lot took
them together. We had become really good friends and
we were spending all our time together. He knew me
probably better than anyone and he told me everything.
We just seemed to have a bond. So we took these
mushrooms, and the visuals really sucked. They
werent' working too well, I wasnt feeling anything and
neither was he. We both really like visuals, so we were
both kinda pissed off. We were with a bunch of other
people becasue it was a party, but they just seemed to
not be there. That night was the first night we realized
that we have a very special bond. we could read each
other's thoughts and it was like we just knew everything
there was to know about each other. the friendship we
had been working up until then just seemed to fall
completely into place. I cant describe how it felt, and we
both felt it. We talked about it the next day and we still
do sometimes. Since that night we are able to know
what the other is feeling or thinking just from looking at
each other. It brought us closer than we ever had been
before and we are still very good friends. We have done
mushrooms many times since then and its always an
experience. But they helped us realized we dont even
have to be on them to get that feeling. just being around
each other is good enough.
Mushrooms make you realize things you never thought
about before. its like everything you push to the back of
your head just comes out. Every thought you had that
you didnt have time to think about. Mushrooms change
your life and your veiws, I think for the better.

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