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Bath in the Dark!

Well I'm from Winnipeg, Canada.

Well I'm from Winnipeg, Canada.. Some people call me Fiend.

Anyways, I was bored one weeknight, and my family was away, and I had 5 or 6 grams that i had been keeping for WAY too long. I had this idea, when you're in the dark or your eyes are closed, the hallucinations come way easier. So I decided to take a bath in the pitch dark, like a sensory deprivation tank or something. I only took one gram but it was certainly enough.

So I made the bath and put a towel under the door to block the light. As soon as I got in, I looked up and it looked like I was in a cathedral! Of course I still knew where I was.. I soon found it didn't make any difference if my eyes were open or closed, i couldn't even tell after a while. Anything I imagined I saw, and the patterns were so colourful and intricate. I just stared and thought for a while. The phone rang, I got out and it was the Canadian Alliance calling. (Like the republican party in the states). I wanted to debate with this guy but i knew I wouldn't make a good case.. anyways on the way back into the tub I lokoed at myself and though how much I looked like an alien! Anyways, back in the tub.

Now as soon as I got in there were two vertical lines drawn for me (You know that colour you see where you look at the sun, or when you're tripping, like rainbow all in one colour?). anyways, it then turend into a graph like y = +-1/x .. whatever. anyways, it then made few more projections, until I was looking at this giant 2 dimensional tree! The inside was sooth and the outside had leaves and was part of this giant 'system'.. I don't really know what it was. Anyways, it was neat and 2d and teh arms were waving. Suddenly it turned 3d when one of the arms came up to me! It was rectangular, and about arm's width across, and it was all waving around along the length of it. Anyways, it was holding a crystal, hoveing above the branch. It told me, telepathically, 'Did i want to try this?' I was so suprised and interested, I thought, I don't want to make up my mind.. I was a bit cautious.. Big mistake. I could tell it was getting impatient and angry. Then all of a sudden, at the back of my head there was a buzzing that grew and ZAP! My entire head got a jolt! Like every synapse had fired at once. Man. I got out of the tub. That was intense for one gram!

Anyways, try a bath in the dark! but don't drown. Try low dosage.

-The Fiend

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