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i became a hippie

it had been a while since i ate mushies before this day.

it had been a while since i ate mushies before this
day.. almost a year.. so after about 11 months of
experimenting with other things i decided to come back
to what used to be my best friend.
me and two other friends sat with eighths in each hand
and bought some sobe energys to take with it.. the
yohimbe in sobe is maoi and from what i saw provided a
doubling effect on the mushrooms..
jefferson airplane's white rabbit came on the radio..
we sat and felt it come on us.. a shadow effect.. the
coolness.. it rippled up our spine.. and exploded in
our heads we fell back.. the opening basslines flowed through all of us.. we walked but felt like
hunter s thompson walking... the surburbia neighbors
must think
we were weird as fuck... because it was quite obvious
we were on mushrooms.. eventually we went back to the
house where the trip started.. we put on pink floyds
dark side of the moon and floated with the opening
chords of "breathe"..we messed around on some synths and
keyboards while the cd was on..and everything we did
perfectly matched the music..
flowing purple veins started appearing on the walls
and the floor was moving like water... i went to the
bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror... im
someone who deals with massive depression.. and i looked
at my reflection..and a voice said to me youre beautiful
youre amazing you are fuken badass and dont let anyone
get you down..it kept telling me how people dont like
anyone who thinks different.. who sees shit in a different
light..that difference means change and that people are
afraid of change.. and it flowed through my body over
and over again telling me i was beautiful..i lost myself
in the blackness of my eyes and pulled out.. and walked outside where my two friends were out smokin cigs and
trippin out.. i looked at the trees and felt the warm
sun on me and as i walked i felt one with everything
and all... i felt like how id expect a hippie to feel..
just the total essence of total love and understanding..
i realized that no amount of money can be put on something
like the sun bleeding through the branches of a tree..
like a cool breeze rippling down your back..
like the eyes of a girl walking by
no money can be put on that.. and those are the
beauties of life..right fuken there..
i wanted to junp around and be primal
i wanted to be philosophical
i wanted to talk to people
it felt like e and acid and mushrooms rolled
into one..it was crazyness..
we put on some trance and chill music..shpongle,
and some tribal house.. and sat down listening
to the beats feelin like we just flew through
irealized what i gave
up from the long absence from the old spirit.. my soul
and i finally got it back.


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