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School Tripin

My first time tripping was at school.

My first time tripping was at school. A friend brought in a heap of gold caps and handed them out to us. After two periods i thought they must have been duds as i had about 3 largish shrooms. Then they gave me another one and the first ones started to kick in soon after that. I was in class and the teacher was talking but i couldn't understand her and had to try really hard not laugh. A couple of periods later and i was in a class with someone else who was tripping. She must have had more than me because she was really flipping out. Me and two of my friends were sitting next to each other and saw a concurve vent on the roof. I don't know why but it started to look like it was a drop that was about to fall from the roof.

That was the end of my first trip after that class but it has made me love shroomen.


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