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Turnin my car around

Sorry, I really have no idea what trip level i had.

Sorry, I really have no idea what trip level i had. The evening started when me, and my sister, went over to our friend matt's house. The plan was for tasha (my sister) matt, and a guy named mike to trip. I was just there to watch them be stupid. (I didn't have any money to put in..) well mike calls when we are there and backs out, cause he's scared and tasha and matt ask me to do it with them, and finally i was like yeah sure whatever. It took forever for us to even get the shrooms down, man i wish i had seen this website before hand cause we were eating them straight! well anyway, tasha kept getting this urge to throw up, so it was a group effort to calm her down, we were not about to waste 60 bucks... well anyway, about 30 minutes aftereating the shrooms we are sitting around the table, and im' eating some pudding,and wondering what it would be like to swim in it. i'm like matt, i dont think these areworking..all the while staring at myself distorted in my spoon. i knew then the trip had just begun...
it was about 6 hours of madness. well maybe 4 of those hours were madness, in between nice quiet breaks. everything was hilarious. but it was weird the way things would upset me or piss me off so easily. mike finally came, and ate the rest of the shrooms..and he whispered something to my sister once and i was like flipping out cause they were keeping secrets and it was a conspiracy.i even started to cry..it was crazy! and whenever the non tripping people seemed to be judging me for how stupid i was being, i would just get REALLY defensive...but besides that everything was great. my sister swore she saw some pink flying elephants... and for awhile i thought i saw them too. we hung out in this one guys room, and he has crazy black lights and stuff set up, that was pretty weird, especially since we were laying on a water bed .. i thought i was swimming for awhile..and then we got the crazy idea to go for a walk, i swear it took an hour just to get past the hallway, and then finally outside. we layed on the driveway looking at the stars and i know it was cold, but i didn't feel it. my saying of the night was, whenever anything got a little crazy, too crazy, i would be like you know what? i have complete control of this trip. I'm turning this car around and we're going home, this trip is over! lol.. it would last for like 30 seconds and then something crazy would happen again :o).. overall it was a fun night!!! and i can't wait to do it again.

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