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the golden room

i have been very interested in the golden teacher strain,and this was my first trip on 3grams of this mushroom.

i have been very interested in the golden teacher strain,and this was my first trip on 3grams of this mushroom.
one of the first things i noticed was a kind of hazy field of view.it reminded me of looking through fog.
this peristed for about 15-20 minutes,also i was very tired feeling.
after that i blinked and everything became crystal clear,"boom"that fast,and everythig was clear.nothing really seemed to be moving just yet,and i wondered if i shouldnt of eaten more,but i was checking out potency,and didnt want to screw up my experiment.
anyway,after about an hour and a half,i was starting to get some peripheral color,now my peripheral color is usually orange,and when i ingest mushrooms the room usually darkens a bit,but with this strain,everything seemed to be brilliantly lit,especially yellow.i have never really experienced yellow on any of my trips,and this was the most brilliant yellow i have ever seen.and the walls seemed as white as snow.this really blew me away,and i wondered if it was just typical of the trip on this strain.
my girlfriend had ingested some also,about 2 grams and also saw the brilliant yellow,and the whiteness of the room.it was her second time.
i did get some visual movement,and it was pretty good movement,but once in a while the clarity that i noted earlier in the trip,would all of a sudden come back,and the visuals would stop,then come on again.this happened about 4 times during the whole trip.and i have to say it was a little annoying.my girlfriend noticed no such clarity.i did also notice some brilliant green on my ceiling,but the color was predominantly yellow.
the only other visual i noticed was that as me and my gf were looking at each other laying on the couch,cheek to cheek,her face got really magnified,like looking at one of those 2 sided mirrors,one minute it was regular size,and the next,it was as if someone had flipped the mirror over,and her face was magnified.that was a first for me.
the only other

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