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(Non)Conformity 2

This is a sequel to my last report, titled "(Non)Conformity1 (duh).

This is a sequel to my last report, titled "(Non)Conformity1 (duh). At the end of that report, I mentioned that we bought more shrooms after tripping for the first time. I suggest you read that one first (please rate it!) and then move to this one, solely because I don't feel like going over the characters and setting again.

Anyway, I called someone and I went to meet them to buy 2 grams of mushrooms. They were mostly powder and stems, no cap whatsoever, so I was a little disappointed. We went back to Jay's and swallowed our friends with Kool-Aid.

Trevor and Chad, two good friends of ours from our 'clique' called us up to go over to Chad's to drink and whatnot. We said yeah, but explained that we had other intoxicants already floating around. We started walking over.

We got there, and Trevor and Chad were standing in the driveway drinking beer. By this time, it was dark out, and me and Jay started to feel the effects. We got into the house and went into Chad's basement to trip/drink.

It was so-so at first, but began to pick up. I noticed that this trip would be different from the first one that day, as I felt a little more 'up' than before. Me and Chad talked about philosophy and the like, while Jay was somewhere else entirely. I could tell that this time, me and Jay wouldn't be on the same wavelength as we were the last time, probably because of the new people we were with.

Chad flicked on the strobe light, and I thought it was pretty cool, especially when I started to walk towards a bookshelf and it came at lightning quick speed! That was cool. Jay was staring deep into the strobe, and it hits me now-- what if he had a sezuire? He was staring at it unblinkingly for 15 minutes straight. Chad got up and flicked on the light, and when he did, I knew that this would be a much more visual trip than before.

EVERYTHING in the room looked so fuzzy, like colours were blended and everything that moved looked so cool! It made it weird to walk though. Chad and I ventured upstairs for munch while Jay and Trevor stayed down to listen to tunes.

I microwaved some frozen TV-dinner style lasagna and Chad fixed a bowl of Frosted Flakes. I ate some of the pasta, and then had a spoonful of cereal. Oh man, that was a trip that blew my mind! They were two totally different things and that mixed well. We went back to Chad's room.

The group decided to go to Jay's, I don't know why, but off we went. During that walk, I started to turn violent and psychotic for some reason. My trip started to feel exactly as if I were drunk. It wasn't that great, but o well, at least I'm fucked.

We got into Jay's room and cranked metal, as I drank beer. A lot of it. The phone rang, and Jay left to answer it. Chad and Trevor dared me to chug a beer, and I threw on some drinking music. With a loud boom of "Gimme fuel, Gimme fire, Gimme that which I desire," I went to town on the bottle. I finished it, and Jay came in saying "That was my parents, I think they're coming home!". He said that destroyed his buzz, and I thought that was pretty stupid, like 'relax, man'.

We walked back to Chad's, and I came down in his living room writing a song that had the word 'fuck' in it a lot, while the rest of the crew looked at porno on the computer.

Two totally seperate trips in one day, crazy!


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