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dancing cats

sorry but I do not speak English very well.

sorry but I do not speak English very well.
This was a nice experience I got to share with you. An old friend of me gave me a mushroom to vaporize it and drink it with orange.
A few months ago I was in a forest in Hungary where we met a shaman who explained us how to see things with our second eye or eye beyond. It was very intresting. During this occassion I was fighted with a bee and the bee was telling me something but I did not recognize it. I can't say that this bee hurted me. He was dancing on my hand and how he danced that was the communication. I was a little bit sick, some of my budies got me and said to me 'relax!'. Simultaneously I was really happy. There were ca. 3 persons around me but I felt they got to be more than 30 persons. Suddendly I heard the song of the bee: "you are hiding in a red sea". I told my friends: "what are you saying?" they said: "Nothing, you are surely toxicated..." I did not eat anything on this weekend. No psychesdelics at all.

This is back to the present:
My old girlfriend B called me, she was very nervous, she said "I got to talk with you now!!!"
"What's the dealing?"
"I can't stay at home alone. I'm panicked!"
"Come to my flat and we will talk about your problem and I have a surprise for you." I was waiting and she came smiling.
"Hi. I can see you are happy now. I've got some shrooms you know, are you ready to try it?"
"Why not?"

During our discussion we were listening Beck, but this was too extraordinary I was searching something else, some goa music from Israel. It hit us!!!
"This is congenial. Let eat the mushroom." she said. It was 11:00 PM and next day at 6:00 AM I got to go to work. I told her that I don't dare to eat that shit becouse tomorrow early in the morning my boss will kick my ass.
"Relax!" she said. Everybody say to me this.
We ate the mushroom and drunk tee. After a half hour she did not feel anything but I did!
The music! Oh, God! The music was bumping in my head. I thought I was running in a forest in the deep night. And the trees were trembling like the snakes with epyleptic strokes. There was lightning on the sky. And I saw taht somebody lit a fire in the middle of the forest. I saw the fire and I felt the hot. There was a girl with black eyes and black hair. She did not have anything on her. She was naked or what, but no! She was raying in rainbow colours! The rainbow was her clothes! She hold a mushroom (amanita) in her hands.
"Do you remember me?"
"No sorry. Who are you?"
"I am the bee. You are now in a red sea?"
"Which red sea is that?"
"Not the story in the Bible, you got to find here something."
"May be you will never find it. You got to try it more."
She was a pretty girl. I turned to my girlfriend. She was in my bed closin her eyes.
"Did you see that?"
"I'm only seeing the cats. There are three cats." And she had right. On the top of the next house there were three cats.
"They are dancing to your music. Can you see?"
"They are not on the four legs, they are on the two feet, like the humans!"
"They are walking around nad doing something really-really bad."
"No, they are nice cats. They can hypnotize us."
"Yes. I can feel it. They are saying we got to love each other and don't hurt anybody."
"It is funny. Are you talking to me?"
No answer. She was only laying in my bed and she laughed.
"Did you see the cats on the top of the next house?"
"No. I am on a spaceship and you are the Captain. I'm yor first officer. Can you see the stars flowing next to us?"
"Yes. And see, there are a lot of commets! And a planet. First officer turn the ship to this planet. There is something nwe for us!"
"Yes sir!"
We landed. In a rain forest. But the girl was not my girl she was the blackhaired again.
"You are living here, not on the earth, did you find what you was searching for?"
"She do not love me anymore"
"I don't think so."
"Who are you to telling me this?"
"Your angel. Your defender."
Everything was melting around us, fractlas and colours etc. and the music was bumping. No dramatic visions anymore. It was 2:00 AM!!!
I think we were eating a lowe dose. But is was high! Were we lying and enjoying the music or were we somewhere else?

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