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fat people/sex farts

Well a few years ago me and a friend decided to get 2 8ths of shrooms and go upstate to a house i have, thats used stricly for partying purposes only.

Well a few years ago me and a friend decided to get 2 8ths of shrooms and go upstate to a house i have, thats used stricly for partying purposes only. So we get to the house and immediatly eat an 8th each, so we go upstairs to the living room and watched some tv, another friend had also arrived at the house but he did not shroom he is also about 6 years older then us, so anyhoo as we watch tv i notice i really dont feel anything, all i feel is some anxiety , who knows what will happen right??? So my friend passes me a bowl, i took a hit, as i exhaled the shrooms hit me so fucking hard , i truly entered another head space and physical body trip, the room suddenly seemed brighter like a spot light was behing the tv set, i was suddenly on the set of a sit-com or something, totally fucked. i then decided to go downstairs to get a beer, i noticed my hands felt like these weird snappy things, like flippers and claws combined i call them snappers ha. then i looked in the mirror , i was also touching my neck becuase it felt like my head was not attached to my body, this was a very intense trip, i felt like i was going to either collapse or start flying. so i went upstairs opened the beer took what seemed like 2 small sips. i looked back at the bottle and it was empty i drank the beer like it was fucking water. this event with the beer made me start saying out loud " i cant believe i drank that beer so fast" over and over. so i turned to my friend who was not tripping and said " hey we took some shrooms, so if we start acting weird..........u know why" he seemed happy and proud of us, like he was thinking " these guys have balls" so then i was just talking about how wierd i felt , i would move my hand but it seemed like there was some delay with thoughts and actions, i was poisened by this mushroom, and i was content with it, i go through the tipical phase where i think " am i ever going to be normal again?" that can freak people out, but i guess i have a mantra " im poisened......... for now"
so we kept hanging out everything was mellow and comfortible, mellow and comfortible in an underwater sense. then people starting coming to the house who also rent it out with us for there own private partying purposes. one girl who has the fattest ass and hips in the world decided that straddling me on the reclyner was a good idea, i just kinda moaned and said " im tripping i cant deal with this right now" who wants a fat girl sitting on your lap when your tripping? then i watched my friend do cartweals in the house, he also yawned a lot which is a sign of tripping,i went to the bathroom when i came out some fat guy was standing there, i yelled " HI!!!!!!!!!!!!, HOW R U, GOOD TO MEEET YOU" i had no control over the volume of my voice and my social skills were at an all time low, but everyone was smiling at me and would take me in there room and go " hey look at these lights i installed or look at these posters. or look at these pictures , put on these glasses!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, People were taking care of me on my trip and i felt a love and caring for me, they were watching me and taking care of me at the same time, it felt good. Then before i know it im in a cab and on the way to a club, we get to the club and its very bright and smokey looking, but when i used to go there it was always dark and smokey, my fiend said " i have to leave im freaking out" i said " ok but im staying becuase look at that girl over there, i fucked her last week, maybe ill fuck her again, on mushrooms" what happened to the little kid i was? now im a drug addict slut i thought, so anyhoo i went to her hotel room and as we started fooling around i heard her fart, she denied it, but i kept asking her over and over, she seemed annoyed but i didnt give a fuck. so the sex seemed normal, i didnt feel like i was tripping anymore, i guess i was distracted by something more intresting: a horny girl willing to do anything. so the next day i get back to my house and my friend is on the couch with a big cut on his forehaed, i asked him what happened, he told me he left the club and collapsed, a cab driver woke him up becuase he was laying under the cab!!!!!!! jesus christ! he could have been killed if the driver didnt notice a drunkin tripped out person who seemed to be giving his car a toon up at 2am , in 6 inches of snow. he said he would never do a drug again, um 5 minutes later we smoked a joint. end of story.

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