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First Trip at UMD

This was planned for about two months, I had never done anything more than the mary jane and though she was good to me I wanted to experiment a little bit.

This was planned for about two months, I had never done anything more than the mary jane and though she was good to me I wanted to experiment a little bit. Just for background, I'm a 6'3" male with about 160 lbs on me.

The group that was shrooming got together in a dorm room around six pm. There were two experienced shroomers (doing about 3/4 an eigth) in the group and about four of us who were new to the entire experience (consuming about 1/2 an eigth). I had read up on the drug fairly extensively and decided to go with a combination of cutting into small pieces (which wasn't neccessary considering they didn't taste that bad) and orange juice, which did the job real nice. And for about 30 min to an hour we waited and watched each other for any signs.

I really didn't feel that much different, I felt chill more than anything else, and when I wasn't chill, I was breaking into fits of laughter at the littlest possible things. After what felt like hours (but was probably no more than 30 min), we decided to change location and headed to my dorm room where we sat down again and just talked about the most off the wall topics and laughed till we couldn't breathe. After another couple of hours (again time dilation was in full effect) we decided to take an "adventure" out into the night.

It was absolutely perfect. The temperature was in the mid fifties and there was a light fog that hung on the campus. It was like I was walking around in a dream. My breath would spiral upwards in long pillars of grey reaching for the stars. And this all resulted from a average walk out to get money from the ATM. Though I was enjoying the experience, some of my compatriots wanted to go back where they would be more secluded and where the group was more consdensed. I, being happy either way joined them, and spent the rest of the trip in my room.

It was basically winding down around 1 or 2 AM, when one of my fellow travelers suggested a little weed to cap the experience off. How could I refuse? So we went back to the original room and broke out the Hookah (a converted spring water jug affectionately named HornBake). We passed the tubes around a couple of times and all became immensely baked. I was truly gone, the most I have ever been. While I didn't have any visuals to speak of during the initial shrooming, the weed propelled me to new heights (to a point where i couldn't even pass the tube, i know it's a true shame). We just sat for a while listening to Phish, when the CD started skipping, at least I think it was skipping, however the two guys still with me swear it wasn't. Anyway, one way or the other, i started hearing the music in a beating on off pattern. When I attempted to focus on the pattern, I moved into a state of trance (the closest thing for me anyway) and was actually viewing the music as it entered my body. For some reason, it manifested itself in the 3D rendering of a 8 axeled cross (much like the design on the british flag, only in the x, y, and z planes). Anyway, I did not move from the cross legged position I began the smoke in for over 3 hours and then only to get food. Just as a side note, the other two guys (they both did 3/4 an eigth) were not as affected. They described it as a different type of experience, where the weed kind of took over from the shrooms. My theory is that they were not out of their trip yet and did not realize it, whereas I had fully come down (so I suggest waiting a bit after you think you've come down, before you start anew).

Overall it was a great experience, and I recommend doing it in small quantities. However, I have shroomed once since then and had a fairly bad experience when doing a full eigth. I'll write about that later, nobody probably got to this point as it is. Luego.

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