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it was a saterday night at my freind sams place, me and him are both into drugs and are ALWAYS looking for new kiks.

it was a saterday night at my freind sams place, me and him are both into drugs and are ALWAYS looking for new kiks.
any way he bought 3 grams of mushies for us that was realy the hole reason i was their his mum was out getting pissed because it was saint pats day (irish day in australia)
and she wasn't getting bak for a long time.
so 1 minut after she left sam pulled out the shrooms and we dosed up pretty fast with a bit of penut butter :)
Now ... this is the bit that we were both afraid of he lives in a flat on the 36th floor and one of his walls is just one big mirror ! we both promised not to look at it because every one knows that mirrors are not good for trippers especially when its a really big fuking miiror.
we sat on the couch watching tv with out backs against the mirror it was half way threw the simpsons that i realised smithers head was poking out of the tv ! it was soo weird and fun i looked at sam .. his jaw had droped or somthing it was like he was mezmorized ...any way i looked outside the window which is pretty big giving u a good veiw of the street below it was a pretty big street in sydney city and their was lots of trafic all of a sudden i got this huge feeling of falling and every thing zooming out and this fear of falling THREW the window i steped bak and held on to the tv for fear of life ! then... by my mistake i looked into the mirror to my right. i cuaght a glimps of my own eye and i stared at my self then my face started to decay it looked like a horror movie i turned away and tryed to watch tv but i couldn't help myself i turned around and their was somone standing behind me i quickly turned areound and it was only sam ! !@#$ !!!! dont do that ! i yelled and sat down on the couch staring at the tv, i looked out the window from were i was sitting and it must have been the fact that i was looking at so many people run their average lives that i began to phelosifie with myself
thinking about every thing like why r we doing what were doing what is humanity supposed to acheive together so on so on. i was just about at the end of my peak but i was still seeing weird shit like stripes of blue and red and neon green flow past me.then we spaced out with some pink floyed for the rest of the night.

well that was my first trip and definitly not my last !
i've already got a next shrooming planed out with my other freind marc in about a month.

cya !!


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