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Are we shroomin yet?

We had been searching for shrooms for so long that when we found someone who sold 'em, we were a little reluctant at first.

We had been searching for shrooms for so long that when we found someone who sold 'em, we were a little reluctant at first. We were so damn afraid of tripping out of our mind or eating the wrong shrooms that we decided to only start with one shroom, so we did.
It was my boyfriend, his sister and myself all in my room. We had our little glasses of orange juice in our hands, which we thought would intensify our trip and one gram of shrooms each. So we sat back and watched tv, waiting for the shroomies to kick in.
The shrooms gave us an appetite after about an hour, we decided to get some munchies from Jack in the Crack. I was in the passengers seat, because I didn't trust myself. Half way there, I began to feel peaceful. My thoughts became more clear and I gotmore into the music that was playing. I guess you could say what I felt was similar to being stoned on bud, but somewhat better. That feeling did not last for sh*t, about 1/2 an hour later I felt totally sober.
There was only one thing 3 sober people who really wanted to trip could do, BUY MORE SHROOMS. I decided on getting an ounce, I figured I could trip later or maybe sell. So we took 2 grams each and sat back. When that didn't kick in after an hour we each took about another gram. And when THAT didn't kick in, we all just picked a shroom and ate it.
The others got anxious after a while and decided to smoke some bud, but I didn't because I was sure I was going to trip and I didn't want to mix that with bud and possibly come down from my trip. I was the first one to feel "funny". I can't explain what I felt exactly, but I sure was happy. I started laughing at the stupidest jokes, and I couldn't talk straight.
After a while, my boyfriends sister began to feel "funny" and she started getting giggly just like me. My boyfriend, though, was in denial, he said we were just "feeling the weed" but I hadn't smoked any. Ole' Mr.Grinch (my boyfriend) kept telling us we
were acting stupid, but we were having the time of our lives, we would just look at each other and laugh.
Finally my boyfriend admitted to feeling the shrooms, but we could tell anyways because he couldn't stop laughing either. The only real visuals I got took place in the bathroom. I sat on the pot looking at the towel on the rack and I could see it 'breathing' when I looked at the tiles I could see pictures in them that were moving, then the floor began to 'breathe'.
I lost some of my motor skills and I could feel myself teatoring when I stood up. I also lost sense of time, we had been watching Seinfeld an I kept saying, "Woah, is this show STILL on?"
My boyfriends mom came to our house, she was cool with the fact that we were tripping but her soberness seemed to bring us down. We were still giggly for a while, but it slowly ceased. We're going to try to take more later on an empty stomach. So, wish us luck!

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