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"trip" to Canada

I went to Canada for a one day social visit.

I went to Canada for a one day social visit. And in the past was very interested with shrooms. So when i got to my family stopped at a hotel, where i have met some people my age (15) when i asked them if they had some weed, they repied no, but we have some shrooms left over. i got really excited. So i bought 10 bux worth of shrooms and decided to eat them as soon as possible, since it was gonna be my first time. So i got to my hotel room, i choped them into small pieces and mixed them into orange juice. i drank the solution, and it tasted horrible! Well in about half an hour a was walking on the street, when one of those multi colored lolli pops, the colors just took of like ghosts and started to move. And before that in the hotel, all the colors just started to swirl. So anyway everything started to look trippy and colors/sounds started to move, and became brightened. On the way back to NY, it was night, and in the car i was looking at the map, and like all the red lines and borders started to pulse up, as if they were veins, and pulsating (i was listening to Korn's "Beating me down" and in the beginning on the big thump that when it all started.) So later in the car when i was going home, i started lookin out the window, and the stars just started to get brighter until they started morphing into faces of people that i know. it was undescribable. When i got home, i kept on hearing sounds that i KNEW wasnt there! Well that was pretty much it that i can describe verbally

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