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Pure Madness..

It was a while ago now, I think a month or so.

It was a while ago now, I think a month or so.. Me, my brother, and a couple of my friends have been tryin to get shrooms for a few years now, we finally got ahold of some that day, my friend left our house to go pick em up, and we waited about an hour. She got back w/ the shrooms in hand, I bought a quarter myself, my bro bought an 1/8, and my other 2 friends an 1/8 as well. We didn't get wat we expected, in fact I thought we were ripped off, so did they, but we decided to make do w/ wat we had. I started off, by eating a small cap that was at the bottom of my bag, it was blueish colored, after that i ate a whole shroom, stem and cap that was about as long as my middle finger, **about 2 and a half inches** it was all blueish colored too. And then ate another small cap at the bottom of my bag, and then it was gone. They all ate about the same as much as me, and we sat in my basement waiting for the effect. 10 minutes later, nothing happened, none of us felt any different. about 25 minutes later, we all agreed we were startin to feel sumthin, not shure of wat it was yet, but it was there. I sat there on the couch, everyone else went upstairs to pack some opium in the pipe, I decided to wait in the basement, I was kinda dizzy so I decided to lye down on the couch. I lyed there, looking up at my ceiling, there was a bright lightbulb, and next to that, 2 korn posters hung down from the ceiling, and behind those was the wall. As I looked closer at the light bulb, the wall behind the posters seemed to move backward outside my house! Being freaked out, I ran upstairs, past my lil brother and mom, and ran up to my brothers room where everyone else was, thaknfully my mom didnt say anything. I got up there mumbling about the wall moving and my friend chrissy thinking i was crazy came back down to the basement w/ me. We both got down there, and nothing was different. I just sat back on the couch, Chrissy pulled out the opium filled pipe. :) We smoked some of that, and then my bro and Russ came back down too. Russell started jabbering about seeing things, I didn't bother listening, I was tryin to feel the effects of my high. I thought I heard something in the other room of my basement, I walked in the dark room, nothing, I couldnt see a thing it was so dark, i looked up and saw a big dark sheet looking thing fall foward towards me, I screamed as it ran behind the heater and i ran back into the room screaming. Russell started cracking up and decided to come look w/ me, as i picked up a guitar feeling it would protect me, **an old shitty guitar we didnt use anymore a lil kids toy** we both went in there, i thought i saw a shadow in front of me again and threw the guitar in the air, and went back into the basement. We all sat there for about 2 hours just talking and rambling on about nothing, i dont even remember wat we were talking about, we started smoking more opium then. By then it was 12:30am and Chrissy and Russell realized they ahd to be home at 11, so we all went upstairs and my lil brother told my older bro and Russell a plan about me, and it ended w/ me having bugs on my face and guyz pissing on me, **my lil bro is fucked up**. I ran outside. My body felt like it was melting off me, my brain felt like it wasn't there. I felt insane. I almost asked them to take me to the mental institution. I felt like i couldn't take anything anymore **i had been having problems w/ my friends lately**, i looked around my street and the trees looked bigger then usual, like 100 feet, i backed towards my rents cars and leaned against them and slowly fell to the ground in tears. I couldn't stop crying and yelling, i felt i was going completely insane and they'd have to drug me. i felt like everything was against me, my brother hated me, the worst feeling in the world, times 10. I was insiane, I cried mumbling and trailing off weird words i was told. My friends left, and me and my bro went upstiars and smoked some weed. I needed weed to calm myself down i really did. Then I didn't sleep until 7am scared of my room. woke up at 9 and went to work from 11am-8:30pm. Work sucked. and I have been scared to do shrooms since. heh.

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