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Outta cntrol mush*OE

It was the ritualistic thursday night sneak out.

It was the ritualistic thursday night sneak out. I can never wait for the weekend so I like to sneak out on thursday and get messed and go to school the next morning hungover, whatever.

So i stealth it out of my house and slp out the back door. I figured we have a few joints or whatever and talk a bit, then go home.

I get to my friends house and he's just leaving his driveway with a backpack. He informs me that he just dropped a couple grams of shrooms. He also informs me that he found some booze I had forgot at his house in weeks previous. Sweet i thought, i'm gettin drunk tonight!

We go to the elementry school and i start drinking some Red Fireball. I down the half mickey quick and then start in on the nice, cold OE. I drank that and I got a nice buzz going. We started talking of things for a long time and for somereason decided to see if we could climb on top of a nearby church. We walked over there and found there was no way to get up there. We decided then that we should go back to his house and drop some shrooms, nothin serious, just what he had left.

We snuck back into his house and got the shrooms. He ate another two and i ate the reamaining gram. I didn't really expect to trip out or anything, i just needed it as a stimulant.

After eating we left and went to the highschool where they are doing construction on the gym. We first climbed on top of the portable and i wrote big long paragraphs that made no sense on the roof. Then we climbed down and entered the construction area.My friend and I started looking for things to wreck for some reason. I found a hole into the wall that led into the reamains of the gym. Inside it looked very surreal. The lighting was dimmed and seemed to be focussed on certain objects in the gym. I put my hand in and felt around for something to grab.

I caught hold od a thick extension cord for heavy machinery. I grabbed hold and started running as far away as i could pull it. I took it to the other end of the tennis courts and it yanked out of the wall. It seemed i had ruined something. It had a big box on the end, that now seemed damaged.

I now moved up out of the construction area and along the eastern wall of the school. Fearless i thought i would break inside of the school and run around.

In months previous we had found that the doors easily pull open with a little acute force.

I yanked on the door hard not meaning to pull it open but it did. It popped open and suddenly i flashed back into reality. The alarm started to go off really loudly and we started to run across the field. Halfway through the field there is a downhill trasnition that I tripped on. I fell on my face and my sunglasses flew off (why I had sunglasses i don't know). My sandals aso flew off into the dark grass.

I started to freak out looking for one of my sandals and yelled for my friend to come back and help me. The alarm still within earshot he came back and found it for me about 50 feet from where i thought it was.

We sprinted for about 2 blocks until we thought we were far enough away. We went back to my house and sat in the front yard and i stared at the sky. Kinda trippy I thought.

The sky looked different but I couldn't put my finger on it. The stars were brighter and when i moved my head they trailed a bit more than usual. I thought of things in my life and they all seemed quite clear. Strange I thought.

I went back into my house and stared at my BC marijuana party poster in my room. The leaf seemed very defined and bright, like it was on telivision and the enhanced it somewoh. i marveled at it for a bit longer and went to sleep. I woke up feeling suprisingly alright, considering it was only 1 and a half hours later. No hangover or tiredness, hooray!

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