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The praying statues

I dropped about 1.

I dropped about 1.5 grams of dried mushrooms (unknown species) at about 10pm the night before new years. I was with a bunch of friends, 6 of whom had also dropped about the same ammount. There were another 10 or 15 people in the house at the time drinking. Lucky for us (the Trippers) everyone who wasn't on shrooms decided to go to a bar at about 11pm, just as the effects were starting to hit me. It's hard to remember where it all started. The first part of the trip I can remember was sitting under a plant in the corner of my friends living room, listening to one of my friends talk about colors, trees, and dogs. The leaves of the tree seemed more alive than I had ever noticed before. They moved and swayed back and forth as if dancing and I was sure that if I just stared long enough, the tree would smile at me. I must have spent an hour under the tree, watching my friends laugh and the tree move. Glossing over what happens next (more of the same: trees moving, walls breathing, lights flashing) and an unfortunate run-in a friend of mine had with a glass of water, we decided to go downstairs for a while and listen to some trip music a friend had brought. I stood at the bottom of my friends staircase listening to the music. My head pounded in sync with every beat. The rest of my friends couldn't stop talking to listen to the music, so they finally decided to go upstairs to watch tv. As I walked towards the bottom step, the wall flashed with colors. It seemed really bright and my instinct was to close my eyes, which I did. I'm not sure why I just decided to stand around with my eyes closed (I always forget to try closing my eyes while tripping), but I did. At first I was greeted with a swirrling mass of reds and oranges that anyone should be able to see with their eyes closed, but then the swirls started to take on shapes. Fractals grew in my vision like frost growing accross a window. They were multi-colored, but mostly red and orange. The images danced with the music, twisting and contorting into new fractals. I tried to look at a specific spot and the fracal zoomed in on that point, revealing even more intricate detail. All I can remember is standing and looking at the fractals, but somehow when I opened my eyes I was laying on my back on the floor - still alone. I spread my arms and leags out and closed my eyes again. The fractals came back, but only after a little while and I soon realized I had to just let go and listen to the music. Then my world went black. I opened my eyes and still couldn't see anything. I panicked and felt for my body, relieved that it was still there. I never did realize that my friends had turned the lights out on me, but I didn't care. I lay in the dark for what seemed an eternity, the music seeming to fade out of existence in the background. Then tiny little red/blue dots that I new to be stars started to appear and fill my vision. Suddenly the black had color to it, a faint blue tinge like a darkened sky. I looked at the stars so intently that it took me a while to realize there were people staring at me. Not people, statues. A ring of grey stone statues stood around me, gazing down at me with their hands pressed together in prayor. Just as the thought "why are they praying?" appeared in my head, the stars began to explode one by one, faster and faster. They looked like red and blue fireworks, spraying colored dots in every direction until the sky was filled with them. The whole image faded, stars and statues, and I was left again in the blackness. I realized that I was laying in a dark basement, and decided to go upstairs. I fell down in front of the tv and tried to tell my friends what I had seen, but I couldn't say more than a few words at a time. It felt like a strong wind was blowing past my mind, threatening to tear it away from me. It felt good. The only thing I remember saying was "it's like...being in two...places at once". My friends laughed and continued to watch the movie. So I lay on the floor, content with being only half in existence, until everything stopped. I sat up, and it was over. Aside from a few minor visuals and crazy thoughts, the rest of the night was uneventful. Oh, a tree DID try to eat my friend at a pizza place we went to, and a fat Russian man made us all laugh, but that's it.

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