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Smoking Mushrooms

After school yesterday, I joined two of my friends to find some mushies for that night.

After school yesterday, I joined two of my friends to find some mushies for that night. When we arvired at the guys house there was good news and bad news. The good new was that he had shrooms, but the bad news was that he only had one eigthor 3.578 grams (which is what they are standardly sold by,which ment I was Fucked. And besides that they were $35.00. So went back to this kids house after purchasing some very dank nuggets.

So we pack a bowl of nuggs in my friends huge glass peice and smoke it. Then i said some thing like since i'm not tripping pack some shrooms in. They agreed, and besides being a little harsh it tasted alright. So after we finished smoking we went inside and I poored my self a conyack and my friend ate half his eigth and chased it with whiskey. Ahh the face he mad was not pretty. So we walked over to the garage were there was a pool table in the loft. As we started playing I suddenly realized i was fucked up. I looked around and everything was out of place almost, it's hard to explain. My body didn't feel like I was high. i had this great body high, while my friend come continued eating his eigth with conyack. He said something like "my mushrooms taste like conyack, boo".

As we started playing pool i soon realized that i was in no condition to play and neither was he. So we went back to the house and after exploreing the basement we found guiness in the basement, so i drank a few which seemed to add to this strange body high which compared to what I'm told a mushrooms body high feel like. It's pretty fun actually although i would have rather been eating them smoking them does work and i like it more than weed. If you have don't have an hour to kill I highly recomend smoking mushrooms. It's effects last for me with beer and weed about an hour before i felt more drunk than anything. And boy do you laugh at everything i felt like it was the first time i smoke pot when i was 11 year old. I mean everything is funny.

Anyway after about an hour my friend began to trip pretty hard and admitted that they were really good mushrooms. He didn't feel like eating the rest so he gave it to the other kid that was with us and suprisingly they both tripped. all in all agood night.

But today is a new day, and I need to go find some mushrooms. PEACE OUT>

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