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Magic Mushrooms Zamnesia
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I'm a 16 year old who has tripped mushrooms twice before.

I'm a 16 year old who has tripped mushrooms twice before. The first two times were about 1 month ago. On the first trip i ate about 2 stems and a cap. It was like a level 1-2 trip, the second time I ate about 3 stems. Now for this last time that I tripped i figured i'd take a quarter of shrooms.

Me and my friend Ty were planning on tripping magic mushrooms since a couple of months ago, but we never got around to buying them. One friday night when his dad went out of town we bought half an ounce and since no one was gonna be home we figure we would eat them. At first I ate 2 chocolate covered stems and Ty ate 1, this was just to get us going. About 30 min. later, his older brother Æ-man came home with his friend Damien, they told us that they were gonna buy some alcohol from the liquor store and they wanted to know if we wanted to go with them. We were'nt tripping yet so we decided to go. Once there me and Ty went to the grocery store next to the liquor place and were walking around when all of a sudden i saw a five foot cheetos bag right in front of me, i told ty and he saw it too. This is when my trip began.

After his brother bought his alcohol we went inside the car. Æ-man started playing some music and Ty started head banging like crazy i laughed for like 10 min. straight. Then I looked outside and a yellow newspaper stand turned into homer simpson's head. Once back home we decided to eat the rest of the shrooms. We split it half and half. I got my 7 grams and mixed it in with milk and chocolate. Ty mixed his in with koolaid. It took us like 15 min. just to drink that, because the taste is so nasty. We headed downstairs and started playing some "dance dance revolution" on his playstation, about 30 min. later I started seeing the tv breathe. That was really weird because i've never had that happen before we were laughing at every little thing we saw, we decided to do something else so we went outside and sat down on the grass, the blades of grass moved from side to side like if they were alive. I started thinking that mother nature was talking to me and i felt that everything in life connected for once i thought that everything had a soul. This made me so happy and i almost cried from excitement. Then i remembered that we still had some weed from the weekend before. We ran inside and got it, we went back outside and started smoking it out of my pipe. We smoked about a quarter in like 20 min. It felt like we were there for like 3 hours! Once high and tripping we ran back inside giggling the whole way, we noticed how our pupils were huge so we went in the batroom to check it out closer, my friend dared me to take a hit off my pipe so i pulled it out and took a hit in the bathroom.I could see the smoke in slow motion and we shut the door and turned on the vent because we remembered that his sister was gonna come soon and that she would rat us out if she smelled the weed or saw us tripping. we went into his other brother's room, stu, and sat down.He has mario wallpaper and i saw mario jumping over blocks and looking at me. I got scared because he looked at me and tried to shoot a fireball at me. This is when the shrooms hit me really hard.

About an hour into the trip, I couldn't focus on one thing alone. I looked at Ty's face and he started melting away. Then when i closed my eyes i kept on seeing weird geometric designs and slinkies everywhere. I forgot that i was tripping and I just thought that I was high. I thought this must've been really good weed, then Ty reminded me that I was tripping shrooms with him. I forgot who I was and where I was but Ty helped me through it. Then we went into his room and I got lost in his black/green walls. I thought i was in a forest and i got really scared that i wasn't gonna get out.I then saw this light in the corner of his room, it was his lava lamp, after staring at it i started seeing all the liquid turn into faces then i realized that they were all souls that were trapped in the glass. I felt real bad for all of them. After a minute i heard someone call me and Ty, it was his brother and damien, they wanted to know if we wanted to go to his room and chill with them so they could watch after us and make sure we didn't hurt ourselves. We accepted and followed him into his room in the basement. I was staring at all his posters in the wall and then i stared having a philosophical conversation with a metal Buddha he has in his room. Æ-man told us that he was gonna put in some music, he put in the new TOOL cd that I just bought, i took all my cd's to his house and left them in his room before we tripped. The music was so beautiful and it flowed everywhere, I was overwhelmed with emotions and i felt like I had an orgasm during the ending of the first track, The Grudge. Æ-man told us that he would be back in 10 min. that he and Damien were gonna go pick us his girlfriend Rachel. Me and Ty were alone again. Ty was acting all crazy and was spinning around in circles, he knocked down this big asian style curtin that his brother had. We tried fixing it and we finally got it fixed in like 15 min., even though it felt like an hour. After that they all returned and they all started drinking beer. Rachel offered me a beer and I accepted. I normally don't drink but i wanted to go all out this night. I drunk about 3 beers and went outside to smoke a cigarette. I stared twirling the cigarette around and it was leaving trails everywhere. Later Ty, Æ-man, Rachel, and Damien came outside they were gonna get into the hot-tub. Damien reminded me that I had to call home since it was midnight and ask my dad if i could spend the night, he passed me the phone and i called home. It was really stupid for me to call home since i was tripping, high, and a little drunk, but everyone thought it would be funny. My dad picked up and i started talking to him, after a couple of seconds i stopped talking because i didn't know what i was doing, then i remembered i was on the phone, but i forgot with who. I recognized my dad's voice and ended our little conversation, he let me spend the night. Then i walked over to the hot tub. Next thing I know i'm inside the hot tub drinking a Heiniken and down to my boxers. We were all having a great time when all of a sudden we hear a car pull up on the driveway we all got scared because we thought it was gonna be Ty's sister who is a big tattletale. It turned out to be stu, Ty's brother, he's the same age as Ty and he's also my friend. When he realized my condition he tried to play games with my head, telling me that the cops were looking for me, i got scared and pissed in the hot tub. He sayed with us and just hung out. I felt really weird being in the hot tub because i felt like i was floating and like i had no control over my body. I thought i had lost a contact so i rushed back in the house and checked out my eyes. they were o.k. but it was 1:30 am and I thought i should go to sleep so i went upstairs to Ty's room, he followed me and tried going to sleep too. Stu came up and i asked him if he would bring me back my clothes so i could change he said sure and he left. He was gone for what felt like hours. It was only 20 minutes. I was thinking about my past but then my dreams and my life became one and i couldn't tell what was a dream or what had actually happened. He later came up with my clothes but he was laughing, I knew something was wrong so I asked him what had happened and he told me he was drunk. I got dressed, left Ty alone and followed stu into the kitchen downstairs. We were all drinking vodka and having a good time when all of a sudden his sister Ash comes home. She looked at us and realized were all drunk she was with her boyfriend so she didn't say anything. She went upstairs with him to her room and they fucked for the rest of the night, while we were all downstairs getting drunk and laughing.

It was all a great experience but i don't think i'm ever gonna mix, alcohol, with weed and shrooms, because i couldn't handle it at times. I also got scared because i had suicidal thoughts when i was trying to go to sleep. As i look back that was a lot of fun. I think everyone should try shrooms at least once, ever since my first trip i've had a new look at life. Everything looks really amazing and i'm gratefull for things i never really noticed before like trees and clouds. I think i'll definitely trip again soon. Weed and shrooms are the only drugs i'll do.

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