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1g and a lot of time

Me and my friend had gone to a mutual friends house for a little party.

Me and my friend had gone to a mutual friends house for a little party. Nothin big just a get together... Ryan (guy throwin the party) had some shrooms but had never done them before. Ive dosed 4 or 5 times before and always had a pretty good trip. he pulled out a bag of tiny brown shrooms. I took one look and started laughing, those things were so small. He only had about 2 grams. we split the bag and scarfed 'em down with some peanut butter. I was trying to get him to let mecook up some brownies with the ounce of bud i got earlier that night, but he wouldnt go for it. we dosed about 9pm, people started to come over at about 10, or so. We started to play some table tennis thats when my tripstarted up. at about 11 that night me and my friend started to play foosball. The ball was kinda fading in and out but guess that coulda been me. i went to sit down and watch one of the other guys play, because i had lost. I had the stares like I had smoked 3 sweets all at once. I blinked andall of a sudden the table was waving side to side but the people were standing still. I got up and went outside to smoke a cigarette and chilled out for a sec. it felt like my trip wore off. it was only 1am.. I was kinda pissed so told my friends id catch em later. I went back to my apartment and laid down withmy black light on and my incense burning. The trip had ended, it was a sorry ass night.

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