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The Forest

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I had been waiting to do shrooms for a while but I was waiting for a day my friend, Al, and my sister, Mel, could do it with me. So finally we all got a day off together. We didnt really know how much we were suppose to eat, so we just divided the bag we had into 3. We decided not to eat it with anything because we thought it might make us throw up later. So, since we didnt have the famous OJ, we drank coke with it.

After we ate it at Al's house , we decided to go somewhere nature-like. So we went to our town's park up in the mountains. It was a light rainy day so we knew no one would be there. On the ride their we all starting giggling and feeling queesy and light-headed at the same time. It felt like a weird high. We got to the park and hung out at the parking lot for about 20 minutes. As we started feeling more and more queesy we started giggling more too. At one point we were all at different points of the parking lot and were enjoying looking at eachothers faces from a distance. It was as if our faces were the most interesting things. Al had blonde and punk red streaks in her hair, so that amused us for a while. We sat in the car again waiting to get some actual hallucinations when suddenly the car seat started having moving patterns and designs on it. With amazement I jumped up and shouted to Al and Mel,

"Did u see that?!?!"

They laughed and said no. I was filled with excitement because I knew I had a hallucination. As i looked at my sister's face, a green shadow started to form around the figure of her face and started to move slowly. It was as if the green shadow was following the molding of her face. We decided to go hiking and leave the car. As we were walking in the sprinkiling rain, the park looked beautiful. I picked up a leaf and red, green, and blue colors began to drip from it. All of a sudden I was full of energy. I felt like a rabit thrown in a forest, set to run wild. I started running around and jumping and doing cartoon like figures. I was full of joy and happiness! We began to feel like the forest was our home. We didnt want to leave. As i looked down the hill of the high place we had climbed it looked like a huge jungle below us with a big waterfall. Everything was blurry but at the same time so clear and beautiful. As we came across a puddle that had formed form the rain it began to look like a lake and all of a sudden I saw three differnt ones. I heard voices in my ears and running in the leaves but looked around to see Al and Mel just standing there, doing nothing. As it started wearing off a bit we decided we would go back to the car. As I sat in the car it looked like a miniature space ship to me, about to squish us all. We all started giggling again and sat there until the rest wore off. I went home with a very peaceful attitude. I felt like I had realized some new things, very sacred things. I felt good...

And this was my first time doing shrooms.

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